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Refurbished Fitbit Smartwatches

Refurbished Fitbit Smartwatches Klarna

ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Used Fitbit Smartwatches

Get a high quality refurbished Fitbit for the lowest price now!

What does refurbished Fitbit mean?

A refurbished and previously used Fitbit is one that has a previous owner, but has been returned, traded in, and sold on to a retailer before being assessed, tested and graded based on it's condition, and then sold again. Refurbished Fitbits are cheaper than buying brand new, and most of the time the only real difference is slight wear and tear, or nothing at all. Refurbished Fitbits are graded accordingly to their condition, and will come in a range of conditions based on their wear and tear, such as pristine, very good, good and fair, and some may not come with their original packaging.

Are Fitbits worth buying?

Fitbits are 100% worth buying, and they will add plenty of great benefits to your life that make them worth every penny. Fitbits are designed to help track your lifestyle and help you reach general fitness and lifestyle goals, so if you are looking to get motivated or simply want to structure your progress more and start tracking your fitness more than they are brilliant. Fitbits can track your steps, the distance you have traveled, swimming, cycling, aerobic workouts, calories, sleep quality and heart rate, so you can see where your lifestyle may need improving. You can set personal goals, set reminders, and even track all your food and water intake on the Fitbit app. If you just want Fitness tracking, then opt for a Charge 2, Charge 3, Ace 2 or inspire. If you want the complete smartwatch experience with fitness tracking and texts and calls, alarms, Alexa voice assistant and even more exercise modes, opt for the Versa 2 or similar.

How much is a used Fitbit?

The beauty of used Fitbit's is they come at a cheaper price, and whilst prices are subject to change, you can now get pre - owned Fitbits for as low as £22.99!

Why is it better to buy a reconditioned Fitbit compared to a brand new one?

  • Price? A reduction in price is the main reason why a refurbished Fitbit is a great option for your next technology purchase. You will see massive savings, and still get the technology you want. You can also filter based on the price you are willing to pay and the condition of the watch, so you have a lot more flexibility compared to the brand new price.

  • Quality? Reconditioned Fitbits aren't just 'used' and then sold on straight away. They have been tested and graded accordingly by experts, and the chances of faults are very low, and almost similar to if you were buying the watch brand new. If quality is something that worries you - simply buy from a respected and reputable seller like The Big Phone Store and opt for a pristine, nearly new or very good product and it will feel brand new anyway!

  • Environment? By opting for a renewed Fitbit you are reducing the chances of it ending up in a landfill, so you have made a more sustainable shopping option - which is another great bonus in our eyes!

Why you should shop with The Big Phone Store!

Here at The Big Phone Store, we sell refurbished and brand new Fitbits at the cheapest prices. We have been selling and reconditioning second hand technology since 1999, and we are experts at what we do. We also offer a price match guarantee and Fast and Free Delivery and 12 Months Warranty with your used Fitbit - so you really do get the whole package for less money! Don't hesitate - get that motivation boost and buy your Fitbit today and feel all the great benefits at a lower cost!

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