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Who We Are

The Big Phone Store is a trading style of SPS Technology Services Limited, a Wolverhampton based consumer electronics “e-tailer”. We have been operating in the Mobile Phone industry for nearly 18 years, and our management team has been working alongside some of the biggest companies in the industry for much longer! We’ve taken full advantage of that fact and built a sterling team of customer services representatives, warehouse operatives, lab technicians, phone testers, e-commerce and marketing team and much more.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and hard work, but most of all our ability to source you the BEST QUALITY and BEST VALUE products and devices in the market. We have had the pleasure of shipping over 10,000 orders to more than 8,600 customers via our other channels each month from our 10,000 sq ft warehouse in the West Midlands.

Our Big Promise

Just because we sell used mobile phones and devices doesn't mean you will receive poor quality

  • No rubbish devices
  • Ready to activate
  • Lovingly refurbished by our expert certified phone geniuses
  • Premium "Big Promise" certificate
    • 25 point check
    • No cracked screens, no water damage
    • No blacklisted or blocked devices - we fight fraud, so you don't have to!
    • Data zapped, data safe with our military grade software

The Big Phone Store is committed to giving a fantastic service. Just because we sell used mobile phones and devices doesn't mean you will get a poor service

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff - 25 years experience
  • No Nonsense - No Sugar - No Frills
  • No matter what the issue is big or small we will make it right
  • If you are not completely satisfied, return for a prompt repair, replacement, or refund
  • Guarantee & Warranty on every device

Pre-owned mobile phones help reduce waste and preserve resources -  we only have one planet

  • 140,000,000 Phones end up in landfill each year
  • Recycling mobile phones keep hazardous chemicals out of landfill and water supply
  • An estimated 90 million mobile phones are sitting unused or forgotten  :(
  • Recycling helps reduce mining and preserves resources!

Used mobile phones help you save money!

  • Affordable options for every budget
  • Buying pre-owned saves on average £150 as opposed to the latest models
  • Avoid 2-year contracts
  • 1 in 5 Children will accidentally break their new mobile phone
  • Waiting for the new one to land? Used will tide you over

If you want to know anything about us - please do not hesitate to Contact Us at The Big Phone Store, we are here to answer ANY of your questions

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