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ᐅ Buy Refurbished and Second Hand iPhone SE 2020

Buy a Refurbished iPhone SE 2020 at Premium Quality today!

What are the features of the Apple iPhone SE 2020?

  • 4.7 inch Retina IPS display with 16MP colours with 750x1334 pixels that has bright and vivid colours and offers great, high quality viewing.

  • With a gorilla glass front and rear, and a sleek aluminium frame, the Apple iPhone SE 2020 may be small, but it looks great and feels light and comfortable in the hand. It also comes in a range of black, red and white, all of which look premium and come with Apple's great branding.

  • IP67 water and dust resistant - so it can last in 1 metres of water for up to 30 minutes and is perfect for those that are accident prone to splashes or rain.

  • Apple Pay makes on the go contactless payments with the Apple iPhone SE easy when you forget your wallet. Simply hold your phone over the card reader, open your wallet app and tap away!

  • Lightweight and practically sized - the iPhone SE 2020 is small but mighty.

  • The A13 bionic chipset gives the Apple iPhone SE fast and powerful performance so you can flip between apps and other content easily and quickly without any lagging.

  • A 1821 mAh battery that performs well, as well as fast charging and wireless charging - the SE has everything you need to make sure that it keeps up with you so you can spend less time waiting for it to charge and more time enjoying its great features.

  • The SE 2020 has the ultimate security with fingerprint sensors that only unlock when they recognise your unique fingerprint.

  • Loudspeaker stereo speakers that have loud and wide sound reach - which is ideal if you like playing music and watching films on your device and don't want to skimp on sound quality.

  • The SE has a good set of camera capabilities. With a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera, the SE 2020 is enough to capture great photos wherever you are. With added benefits like Portrait mode and portrait lighting, and 4K video recording as well as Quad LED dual tone flash, your photos will look great whatever the lighting or conditions.

Is the Apple iPhone SE 2020 any good?

The iPhone SE 2020 has been one of Apples best sellers for a good reason - it is more reasonably priced, but still has all the features needed for a great all rounder mobile and benefits from Apples great technology features. This is one for those of us that prefer a smaller size mobile that is practical and still packs a punch - and the handy 4.7 inch size of the iPhone SE 2020 make it non bulky and easy to carry with you all day. This is perfect if you find yourself on the go, or if you need a second, more affordable mobile for work that you don't want to weigh down your bag.

If gaming and watching Youtube videos or films on your mobile is something you do, but you find it uncomfortable to hold a larger device, but you want the benefit of fast performance, then the SE 2020 is ideal. It has the A13 chip-set which is included in much larger phones, in a smaller size device, so you can benefit from the efficient performance and not have to put up with holding a bulky phone.

Are refurbished Apple iPhone's good?

Due to leading the smartphone industry for years, Apple are popular for their constant technology releases that unfortunately come with a high price tag and teamed with Apple’s unique branding techniques, for many a brand new Apple iPhone SE 2020 price may be unattainable. 

This is where buying a second hand iPhone SE 2020 comes into play. Refurbished phones are carefully assessed and graded accordingly, with our grades ranging from, fair, good, very good, pristine and even brand new. They are then priced in line with the grade, which enables you to find a price point that works for you, so you never have to miss out on a technology release again. Furthermore, most renewed phones are certified, come with a warranty, are thoroughly tested, and are a more environmentally friendly way of shopping, so your purchase will most likely feel like you are getting a brand new phone anyway. Simply filter the model you want based on the condition and you are only paying the price you want to - which is a lot more flexible and means you can still enjoy Apple's amazing technology.

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