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Thank you for visiting www.thebigphonestore.co.uk (“the Site”). The Site is subject to our Terms & Conditions (“the Terms). Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your order from our Site as all users must read and fully understand the Terms set out below to ensure that they understand their access to and use of the Site. We recommend that you print and keep a copy of our Terms for future reference.

Privacy Policy

Prior to submitting any personal information on this Site, please read our Privacy Policy (please click here for further details) which form part of these Terms. You must review these Terms and the Privacy Policy in full before submitting any personal information to ensure and satisfy yourself that you fully understand the manner in which your personal details will be used.


We may vary these Terms and the Privacy Policy from time to time and you must not, therefore, assume that if we sell goods to you on more than one occasion that these Terms will be the same for each sale. You should, therefore, check and review these Terms each time you use the Site and each time you place an order to ensure you are aware of any changes that we have made from time to time.


Please note that by using our Site and submitting your order, you are accepting the practices described herein and you agree to be bound by these Terms in their entirety and without any limitation or qualification by using the Site and/or by placing an order on the Site.

If you do not agree to our Terms then we will be unable to accept and progress your order. Any terms and conditions referred to in any order by you, anywhere else at any time shall have no effect.

We have the right to refuse the supply of goods ordered by you at our discretion.

Fraud Prevention

  • Details of the IP address are noted at the point of purchase.

  • Credit Card Fraud is considered a serious offence and legal proceedings will be undertaken if any transaction is deemed fraudulent.

  • We reserve the right to decline any order we suspect to be fraudulent.

  • If an order exceeds £250, we may require documentation to show proof of name and address. These can be returned by email, fax or post prior to the dispatch of the order; we will e-mail you if this is the case.

  • Occasionally the decision will be made not to process an order if further security information has been requested and not obtained. The order will not be processed and no payment will be debited from the card used to make the purchase. You will be contacted to be informed of the issue and to attempt repayment.


Prices are displayed in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and can be displayed in Euros should you prefer, VAT is included but shipping fees are excluded.

The prices shown are subject to adjustments at any time as our prices constantly change.

All prices reflect the condition of the product.

In-store Price and Online

Our online prices do not reflect our store prices. Therefore, prices seen on our website apply solely to the website - with the same principle applying to the store.


VAT is included with all sales concluded with residents of the European Union. We don't provide VAT invoices or receipts. This is because we sell second-hand goods and charge VAT under the margin scheme, because of this we cannot provide a separate VAT invoice/receipt.  
VAT that is charged under the margin scheme cannot be claimed back as it can be with new goods.  
We display our VAT registration number in order to comply with the Government legislation.

Accuracy of Information

We make no warranty or representation or assurance that any descriptions, texts, contents or other details on the Site are comprehensive and accurate. We will, however, use our reasonable endeavours to provide up to date information regarding the products, price, images on the Site so far as is reasonably practicable but we shall not be held responsible for any errors in this regard.

Condition of Our Devices

All of our devices are assessed, to indicate the condition and quality of the model. All batteries are covered by a 3-month warranty as standard.  

Brand New 

Brand New—As the term implies, new devices are brand new, unused, sealed, unopened, and undamaged and will be in the original packaging. New devices will come with a 12-month warranty as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Please note that references to "New" and "Brand New" are interchangeable and for the avoidance of doubt have the same meaning.

Refurbished Devices

Our refurbished devices come in various conditions and these conditions are described as :

• Like New – A device described as 'Like New' shall mean the device:
o Is almost new (Out of Box) with no cosmetic marks
o Has a minimum battery health of 85%, higher than any competitor offers
o Is fully tested with up to 90 automated tests and in complete working order
o Is recommended for first-time refurbished device buyers.
o Has been sanitized of all previous user data
o May or may not come in original manufacturer packaging
o Will come with a 12-month warranty (excluding batteries)

• Pristine – A device described as 'Pristine' shall mean the device:
o Shows very light signs of use; 99% of the phone is in perfect condition
o Has a minimum battery health of 85%, higher than any competitor offers
o Is fully tested with up to 90 automated tests and in complete working order
o Is recommended for first-time refurbished device buyers
o Has been sanitized of all previous user data
o May or may not come in original manufacturer packaging
o Will come with a 12-month warranty (excluding batteries)

• Very Good – A device described as ‘Very Good’ shall mean the device:
o Shows light signs of use; marks on the screen are not visible when on
o Has a minimum battery health of 85%, higher than any competitor offers
o Is fully tested with up to 90 automated tests and in complete working order
o Is ideal for those who don’t want to spend extra and are okay with marks and imperfections
o For first-time buyers, we recommend Like New or Pristine
o Has been sanitized of all previous user data
o May or may not come in original manufacturer packaging
o Will come with a 12-month warranty (excluding batteries)

• Good – A device described as ‘Good’ shall mean the device:
o Shows medium signs of use; cosmetic marks present
o Has a minimum battery health of 85%, higher than any competitor offers
o Is fully tested with up to 90 automated tests and in complete working order
o Is ideal for those seeking value and unconcerned with cosmetic condition
o For first-time buyers, we recommend Like New or Pristine
o Has been sanitized of all previous user data
o May or may not come in original manufacturer packaging
o Will come with a 12-month warranty (excluding batteries)

• Poor - A device described as ‘Poor’ shall mean the device:
o Shows heavy signs of use; may have scratches, cracks, or screen burn 
o Has a minimum battery health of 85%, higher than any competitor offers
o Is fully tested with up to 90 automated tests and in perfect working order
o Is the cheapest way to get the model you want
o For first-time buyers, we recommend Like New or Pristine
o Has been sanitized of all previous user data
o May or may not come in original manufacturer packaging
o Will come with a 3-month warranty
o Is ideal for someone who wants a working device regardless of cosmetic condition, likely used with a protective case

Refurbished devices that we sell may have been repaired. We use genuine parts where possible, and high-quality parts where it is not possible. After repair, certain attributes may not be present such as, but not limited to, IP ratings.

Please note: In certain instances, users of the iPhone 11 & 12, 11 & 12 Pro, and 11 & 12 Pro Max may encounter an "important display message." This may be due to previous refurbishment processes. The message will be visible on the lock screen for a duration of 7 days, and in the settings for 14 days. After 30 days, the message will disappear. It should be noted that this message does not impact the phone's functionality.

Unlocking Devices

A selection of devices provided by us has been unlocked. A list is always provided in the device’s specification with details of what network the device is compatible with. Unlocking a locked device yourself or by another provider would be done at your own risk, is not our responsibility and will invalidate your warranty.


While stocks last, our items are available and our prices are applicable as long as they are featured on our website.


Placing an order

Placing an order through the Site requires you to complete an online registration form including personal/payment details. You must thoroughly read the information entered before validating your order. We are neither responsible for sending e-mails to the wrong e-mail address nor for sending parcels to the wrong delivery address, should the form have been incorrectly completed.

Order Confirmation

An automated order confirmation e-mail will be sent to you provided that the e-mail address does not contain any errors.

Order Cancellation

If an order has been placed through the Site and you then decide you do not want the product the order can be cancelled via email details of which can be found on our Contacts Page prior to the order being processed.

If the order has already been processed or dispatched, you will need to wait until the item has been received and then complete the return process.

Dispatch of Order

When you order through the Site, providing the e-mail address is correct, you will receive an automatic ‘dispatch’ information e-mail.


All payments through this website are taken in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Other currencies are shown for reference purposes only and payments made in these currencies do not include any international conversion fees that may be applied by your bank.

Should you pay by credit card, your card will be charged once the order is complete.

Payment methods are as follows:

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Delta

  • Switch

  • Solo

  • Maestro

  • Paypal

  • Klarna (Please click here for more information)

Invoices and Receipts

The order information form filled out online by you shall be deemed to be your invoice.

The confirmation notification via e-mail of goods ordered shall be deemed to be your receipt.


Before you finalise your order, you’ll be given various delivery options to choose from with estimated delivery time and dates depending on the delivery address. 

Your goods will be delivered usually within 3-5 working days but express delivery is also available whereby at an additional cost we will aim to dispatch your item on the same day (except during holidays) provided your order is received before 5pm on a working day so that you receive it the next working day but please note cannot deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays or any other Public Holiday. We will show the dispatch time and date on the product page which will be amended from time to time to account for holiday periods.

We work very hard to try to meet all delivery times but sometimes there may be delays – e.g. because of postal/carrier delays, logistics or bad weather. We will keep you updated as much as we can and you should be able to track your parcel’s progress as we will send you tracking information to your email address to allow you to track your parcel.. 

All deliveries are made within working hours.

All deliveries can only be sent to the credit/debit card holder's address.

If you are absent on the delivery day you may find a card to advise you that the courier has attempted to deliver your goods. You will need to call the carrier in order to arrange a new delivery date. If you do not have a note then it is your responsibility to track your order on the carrier's website in order to receive information on it as soon as possible.

Your goods shall be deemed to be delivered upon delivery to the address specified in your invoice.

The delivery date is approximate only and time for delivery shall not be of the essence.

Your goods may be delivered in advance of the delivery date.

Only reasonable attempts to deliver your goods by the delivery date will be made and if we fail to deliver your goods on the delivery date for whatever reason then we shall have no liability in respect of any such late delivery or non-delivery of goods.

International orders generally take 10-14 days from date of shipment to arrive, depending on the customs procedures of the destination country. We strictly adhere to all customs and shipping procedures imposed by the destination country. Please check with your country’s customs office for precise charges. We assume no responsibility with respect to any tariffs, duties, or other such restrictions and charges imposed and/or enforced by the destination country. In the event that you refuse to pay any such charges then when refunding you we shall be entitled to deduct any charges that we have to pay for the return of the item.

Please see our Delivery Information page for more information.

Undelivered/Lost items

In order for us to officially declare a parcel lost, you have ten business days to declare the loss of a parcel starting from the date you received the dispatch confirmation e-mail.

If the parcel was declared as lost within the above-mentioned time, we will attend to making a claim with the deliverer. We may eventually require additional documents from you to complete the claim process. In this situation, you will then need to send the information as soon as possible.

Upon notification from the customer, we will initiate the claims process with the courier for any lost or undelivered items. It is important to note that compensation for such items cannot be provided until a thorough investigation is conducted. The duration of the investigation may vary between 30 to 60 days; however, in extreme cases, this may take longer. We will endeavor to provide any requested information during this process to ensure the swift resolution of the claim.

We cannot be held responsible for any delays outside of our control. However, we will take steps to minimise the effects of the delay where possible.

Receipt of your goods

When the items are delivered to you, the carrier will require a signature from you as an acknowledgement of receipt.

You must check the parcel upon its arrival. If a parcel arrives damaged, your reservations must be written on the delivery note in the presence of the carrier.

Should no reservations be mentioned, the parcel is considered as delivered in good condition and no subsequent claims or complaints will be accepted by us.


Our cancellation procedure is simple - return unwanted goods, unused within 14 days for a full refund (from date of purchase). You will need to arrange for the return at your own cost and you must obtain proof of posting. We recommend using a Recorded or Special Delivery service to ensure that the cost of the goods you are returning is covered in the event of postal loss or damages in transit. Returns are entirely at your risk and we shall have no liability in the event of loss or damage.

All warranties are void if the returned goods are found to be damaged, scratched, modified or altered in any way. Refunds will be given at our discretion in such circumstances and should we accept any such return then we we will charge a restocking fee representing 15% of the original purchase price.

The product MUST be in the original condition that it was sent in and the correct returns procedure MUST be followed in full - please click here for full details. If the device sent back is in lesser condition you may only be entitled to a percentage of the original purchase price. Any brand new items that have been opened and/or used, will only be eligible for a refund equivalent to 50% of the original purchase price. Please ensure that you send in the charger and cable that you are using with the device to avoid a delay. Please also ensure that you back up all data before returning any item as we erase all data upon receipt so cannot be held responsible for any loss of data on returned devices.

Special order items, such as boxes, screen protectors, batteries, etc will not be eligible for refunds.

You MUST return the item within 14 days of creating the return otherwise the return request will no longer be valid and you will be deemed to have accepted the goods forfeiting the right to return the goods thereafter, for either repair, replacement, or refund.

Returns Procedure

Please click here for full step by step instructions.

Fraudulent Claims/Disputes

If any claim or dispute by you (of whatever nature) is found to be false or fraudulent you will be subject to a minimum admin charge of £50 to cover the expenses incurred during the investigation.  In the event that we hold any item(s) in our possession relating to any such claim or dispute then we shall be under no obligation whatsoever to complete a transaction for the same or return any such item(s) to you unless you pay the outstanding charges in full and arrange collection at your own cost.  

We reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities if there is any suspicion that there is a deliberate attempt to perpetrate a fraud and we also reserve the right to seek redress from you for any losses incurred plus costs plus interest due to a false or fraudulent claim by you. 


We offer a warranty from the date you make your purchase. We fully test each device when we receive stock and also prior to shipping.  We urge you to fully test your device upon receiving it and if you find a fault, you must report this within the warranty period. If a fault is found, we may choose to either replace or repair the device (at our discretion). Any faults found outside the warranty period will not be covered either by a replacement device or warranty repair.  Please note that should your device develop a fault after the first 3 months (from date of purchase) then we may ask you to contact the manufacturer directly as this is often quicker for customers. 

  • The Warranty will only cover internal faults and does not cover the following:

  • Any damage caused by mistreatment or by dropping the product

  • Any damage caused by attempting to repair

  • Any damage caused by attempting to adapt the device by yourself or a third party

  • Any damage caused by liquid

  • Any physical damage such as breaks or cracks

  • Any repairs undertaken by a third-party company or any damage caused by such repairs

  • Any intentional or accidental damage

  • Incorrect or improper use of accessories

  • Faults or damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear – e.g. scratches to touchscreen, scuffs and marks

  • Normal and acceptable battery life depletion

  • Any handset that has been Jailbroken or rooted after-sale

  • Any Screen-burn that has developed over the time of ownership

  • Any software errors that may occur

  • Use of non-genuine accessories or improper use of accessories

  • Faults caused by a reduction in battery health below our provided capacity

If the device does have any of these issues, the warranty would then be considered to be void and we would no longer be able to accept a return and will be subject to additional repair costs or replacement device charges and return delivery charges. We will charge a minimum inspection fee of £14.99 plus VAT if a quote for repair work has been given and subsequently declined. In addition a charge of £9.99 will be made to have the item returned to a UK address. Extra shipping charges will apply if sending your device outside the UK. Any device received that has been sent back for a warranty repair or replacement and is subsequently found to have no fault will be subject to an additional fee of £14.99 plus VAT and to a charge to return the device to a UK address of £9.99.  Please click here for further details.

All batteries have a warranty of 3 months. 


If any provision of these Terms is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of these Terms and the remainder of the provisions in question shall not be affected thereby.

Customer complaints code of practice

At The Big Phone Store, we want to ensure all complaints are resolved swiftly and to your satisfaction. Our customer services team will ask for all the details of your complaint and consider all the points you raise.

When you call us; we will try to solve your issue while you are on the phone. If we aren't able to resolve the complaint while you are on the phone, we will let you know how long we expect a resolution to take, and inform you when and how we intend to keep you updated.

If you write to us; On receipt, we will inform you that have received your complaint. We will review your complaint thoroughly, taking into account the points raised in your communication and any details we have on record. We will usually respond via email however if we cannot we will call or write.

How long to resolve: We want to get back to you as soon as possible and aim to respond to a resolution within 10 working days. Depending on the nature of the complaint if we have not found a resolution within this timeframe, we will contact you to keep you updated. 

If, for any reason, you’re not fully satisfied with our response, please let us know and tell us your reasons. We will review your complaint, and our response, and escalate it within the company.

Write to :

The Big Phone Store
Unit 9, Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Lane,
United Kingdom

WV11 3SF

Email us here

Call us: 01902 256 300


These Terms and all information and Site content are our property and protected by all laws, including laws governing copyright and other intellectual property rights. Unless our written consent has been provided you must not use, transfer, reproduce, modify or copy these Terms either as a whole or any part or parts thereof or any of the information or content on this Site. You acknowledge our status as the owner of the Site and all information and content within it.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The Contract shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.


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Naturally, all of our products come with a warranty of some sort.

Customers who purchase "Brand New" products enjoy the luxury of a 12 month manufacturer warranty, through which they are able to return it to the manufacturer to have their issue resolved. If you cannot locate the contact details for the manufacturer of your product then please email us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you, where possible.

Customers who have purchased a "Refurbished"  product from us are able to take advantage of our 12 month return to base warranty. This allows you to return the device to us for a repair or a replacement, should there be an issue with your device. Should neither be possible at the time, we will give you store credit. These types of returns should be sent directly to our returns department, for which the address can be found below.  Please note that should your device develop a fault after the first 3 months (from date of purchase) then we may ask you to contact the manufacturer directly as this is often quicker for customers.  

Please note that none of the above apply to any products that are described as "Fair" and such items come with a 3 month warranty only. 

For more details about our warranty policies, please read our terms & conditions.

To begin the process, please contact us with details of the order you want to return.

The Big Phone Store Returns Department
Unit 9, Wednesfield Business Park
Waddens Brook Lane
WV11 3SF
United Kingdom

If you have any questions about returns or your eligibility to return a product then please do not hesitate to email us or call us on 01902 256 300 and a member of our team will be delighted to discuss your specific situation with you.