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Why Buy a Refurbished iPhone X?

The iPhone X is an iconic device released by Apple almost as a turning point in design moving from the classic iPhones to the full-screen design, as well as Apple's A11 Bionic chip.

The Apple iPhone X was the first iPhone to feature a super retina OLED display on a 5.8 inch screen size, it also moved from a fingerprint sensor to the more modern and secure Face ID for authentication, as well as a 2716 mAh battery, ensuring great battery life! It even comes with a dual-lens 12MP camera, capable of taking amazing photos in 4K. If that wasn't already enough, it has wireless charging capabilities and access to the newest iOS 15.

The iPhone X is the first device to use Apple's Face ID, allowing you to use Apple Pay so that you can shop on the go by just looking at your Apple iPhone! The Apple iPhone X also has a wireless charging feature, something iPhone users will be craving for quick, on the go charging for this fantastic piece of refurbished tech.

The Apple iPhone X series features an impressive list of products: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. If you're interested in seeing what else Apple has to offer in this series, take a look at any of the pages below:

Why buy an iPhone X Refurbished Instead Of Brand New?

A refurbished iPhone X is a great choice for many reasons. First of all, the phone is no longer available as new, yet when you buy from The Big Phone Store, our team of engineers recondition your used iPhone X to the highest standard. You'll be receiving a second hand iPhone X that will work like new and at times, look like new!

The other benefit of buying an iPhone X refurbished is sustainability. New smartphones impact the environment, needing valuable and scarce materials to be manufactured. A used iPhone X is also quite likely to end up as e-waste in a landfill after being used.

We combat this by offering fully tested refurbished phones, allowing you to have a smartphone that not only does everything a new one would, but also allows you to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint!

Which Refurbished iPhone X Should I Choose?

The iPhone X that you decide to buy relies on your needs and requirements. If you want the latest and greatest phone, then our team has iPhone X's that are as close to new as possible. If you're looking for a great deal way, we also have models with some wear and tear that work the same as a new one would, but much cheaper than the original price!!

No matter which refurbished iPhone X you choose, we can promise you'll be happy with it.

What Storage Capacity Should I Choose?

The iPhone X comes in two storage options: 64GB and 256GB. If you're someone who doesn't take a lot of photos or videos or doesn't download many apps, then the Apple iPhone X 64GB should be plenty of storage for you! If you find that you need more storage, maybe because you have a lot of music or movies, then the 256GB will give you everything that you need.

If you're split between the two - remember you can always pay to use iCloud storage, which will allow you to keep your photos, videos and music stored online.

What Condition Should I Choose?

When it comes to conditions, it really is a personal preference. Some people may not mind what their phone looks like, and just want one that works whereas others take pride in how spotless their device is!

At The Big Phone Store, we have three conditions:

  • Pristine - A premium product with no visible signs of use

  • Very Good - A product in very good condition with only light signs of use

  • Good - A used product with moderate signs of wear and tear

While we can't recommend a condition (because that'll depend on what type of iPhone X deal you're looking for), we can promise you a 14-day, no-quibble return policy that allows you to return your Apple iPhone for a full refund if you're unhappy with it.

Why should I buy with The Big Phone Store?

The Big Phone Store is the most trusted refurbished Apple iPhone retailer in the UK offering free delivery, an amazing 12-month warranty, as well as some of the lowest prices guaranteed on all refurbished iPhones

Every product we sell is a certified refurbished product and has been fully tested using state of the art software, so when you buy an Apple iPhone X from us, you will have extra peace of mind knowing everything from Face ID to it's A11 Bionic chip will work.

So what are you waiting for? Reduce your electronic waste today and buy a refurbished iPhone X with The Big Phone Store! Your iPhone X will come in a secure and padded box (as a brand new phone would), and will include a USB cable/charging cable. We guarantee that all of our iPhones have a minimum battery health of 80% (more than enough for the average iPhone user)

If a refurbished Apple iPhone X isn't your type of thing and you still want to choose a mobile phone that will fit you - consider checking out our refurbished phones instead.

Get peace of mind with our 12 month warranty

Still not convinced? Not to worry - if you buy an iPhone X, it will come with a 12 months warranty that covers any manufacturer faults (exactly like you'd get directly from Apple).

Want to put your old iPhone model toward your Apple iPhone X? Find Out How!

Not only are we one of the most trusted refurbished phone sellers, but we also offer a trade-in service that allows you to sell your old phone at a great price too. Not only are you getting money for your old iPhone, but you're also helping to reduce waste by stopping a phone from going to landfill!

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