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Refurbished Samsung Phones

The Big Phone Store offers a range of refurbished Samsung’s. These are pre-owned or second hand Samsung phones that have been refurbished, going through our testing system to be repaired and cleaned before going on sale.

Refurbished phones like these can be a great way to save money on smartphones. You get the quality device that you’re looking for, without paying a price that you can’t afford.

What Refurbished Samsung Phones Are Available?

At The Big Phone Store, we have several refurbished Samsung phones available. There are new Samsung phones that have been released in 2019, as well as older models that can provide powerful specs at a lower price.

Some of the phones we sell are the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10+, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung phones that we offer come in several different colours too. You could buy a Galaxy S10+ in Prism White or Prism Green, a Galaxy S9 Plus in Lilac Purple and there are many other beautiful colours to choose from.

You can also choose your refurbished handset by looking at the storage size and network.

Phones that are unlocked can be used with any mobile network in the UK, but phones that are locked to a network such as EE, Vodafone or O2 can only be used with a SIM from that network. This information can be found on the product listing so please be sure to check this before purchasing so that your phone will work with your SIM card. The storage size options we have got range from 16GB to 128GB.

What Are Refurbished Grades With Refurbished Samsung Phones?

Choose the best refurbished Samsung phone for you by using The Big Phone Store’s refurbished grades system.

Refurbished grades allow you to select the cosmetic condition of the phone before purchasing. The refurbished grades we offer range from fair to pristine.

A phone in fair condition will show heavy signs of us and it may have cracks and dents or even screen burn that you can see. However, a phone in pristine condition will have minimal to no signs of use and will look like a brand-new phone.

These refurbished grades are priced differently and a phone in fair cosmetic condition will be much more affordable than a phone in pristine condition.

How Much Does a Refurbished Samsung Phone Cost?

The price of a refurbished Samsung phone can vary, but at The Big Phone Store, we offer several choices at different price points. Whether you’re looking for a newer Samsung phone at a great price or an older, cheaper model that just gets the job done, we have a phone for you.

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ which released in 2019, is available refurbished for £619 with free shipping. At the other end of the scale, you could buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 for just £114 with free shipping too.

The price of the phone may change because of its refurbished grade but all of the pricing information can be found on the product page.

Free UK Delivery

The Big Phone Store is very happy to offer free delivery to our UK customers. Our products are delivered by Royal Mail, typically within 48 hours. Delivery charges may apply if you live in the Scottish Highlands or the Channel Islands. International orders are delivered by UPS and charges may apply.

For more information about The Big Phone Store deliveries please click here.


Refurbished Samsung phones purchased from The Big Phone Store come with a warranty.

Your warranty will last up to 12 months, with the length of the warranty varying because of the refurbished grade of the phone.

This warranty allows you to return the phone to us if there is a hardware fault and we will give you a replacement or a refund if a replacement phone is not available.

For more information about The Big Phone Store warranties please click here.


-          When is New Stock Added?

Our refurbished Samsung phones are incredibly popular and so they often sell out. However, we often add new Samsung stock too.

Stock and deal announcements can be found on The Big Phone Store Facebook page.

-        Do You Sell Other Samsung Products?

As well as refurbished Samsung phones, we also sell a range of Samsung accessories.

Buy a cool case or wireless charger for your new Samsung phone, a pair of headphones, or enjoy virtual reality gaming with our Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headsets.

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