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A little bit of history on the Sony Xperia…

Sony Mobile has been a well known multinational company manufacturing and selling electronic products worldwide for a number of years and the late eighties and early nineties were particularly a golden era for Sony. Sony justifiably earned its reputation for being a market leader for quality products and as expected Sony wasn’t to be left behind when the mobile phones market took off. 

Sony Ericsson Mobile came into being in 2001 representing the telecommunications arm of the company and from that in 2008 Xperia was born – this is the brand name of Sony’s smartphones and devices.  Over time through trial and error Xperia smartphones have come to earn their worth and are favoured by a lot of our customers and with very good reason. 

Are refurbished Sony Xperia phones any good and should I buy one?

Our view on Sony is that it is a massively underrated manufacturer who at one point dominated the mobile phone market and yes being faced with tough competition over the years does mean that Sony lost its leading position in the mobile phones market – however, nevertheless Sony is still a key player and it really doesn’t mean that Xperia phones should be overlooked.

It is largely agreed that one of the main advantages of buying a refurbished Xperia is that you really do get value for money.  Xperias are known for offering huge price reductions on its phones shortly after releasing new models (unlike other manufacturers) so this means that these reductions filter through to refurbished phones so you really can buy a highly affordable Xperia smartphone compared to phones by other manufacturers.

What refurbished Sony Xperia phones does The Big Phone Store have?

We have an abundance of refurbished Xperias (too many to list here) and they are one of our more popular items that tend to sell fast so hurry and get yours whilst you still can.  We have a great selection of refurbished Xperia mobile phones in a range of conditions so just use our simple filters to select the phone and condition that suits you and your budget and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions at all simply Contact Us and our friendly team of experts will be happy to share their knowledge.

Which refurbished Sony Xperia phone should I go for?

The long list of our refurbished Xperia mobile phones all offer different features for different needs.  For all you gaming and movie fans there is a great selection to choose from because Xperias are known for their fantastic screens and some even offer 4k and HDR display and recording.  Bringing entertainment value to the user is top of the agenda for Sony.  There is a great range of colours to choose from too with standard colours such as Black or White and the more interesting colours such as Forest Blue, Warm Silver, Moonlit Blue and more. 

How much does a refurbished Sony Xperia cost?

If you are looking for something that does the job and not looking to spend much then we have refurbished Xperias starting at as little as £9.99 (yes seriously!) but if you want something that little bit extra special then we also have a flagship range such as the Sony XZ3 at a very reasonable £300.00 and if you want something in between then there is plenty of that too! Our refurbished Sony Xperia smartphones are all great quality despite being used phones and they offer great value and some fantastic features.

Final thought on Sony Xperia…

A fun fact that you may not know is that in keeping with its creative reputation Sony came up with the name ‘Xperia’ by cleverly playing on the word “experience” because after all when it comes to smartphones, we can all agree that it’s definitely all about the user’s experience and if just the name can appreciate that fact then surely it follows that the phone itself is designed with that very important fact in mind BUT don’t just take our word for it – buy one and see for yourself!

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