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Apple iPads – Steve Job’s ‘something middle of the iPhone and the MacBook’

Believe it or not development of the Apple iPad had begun even before the iPhone so it was a highly anticipated product at the time of its launch in 2010 and just on its first day of release 300,000 iPads were sold and sales passed the one million mark just over a month or so after.  Sales rapidly continued and by the end of 2010 the Apple iPad was the device to have. This is remarkable even for Apple! 

What is the point of an Apple iPad?

The Apple iPad is not just a gadget – it is a must have gadget and is perfect for personal, business/work and even school use!  We have highlighted our favourite reasons for owning an iPad:

  • Portability –iPads can slip in easily into most bags and briefcases so you can carry it around wherever you go! Even being able to carry it from room to room around the house is a major plus for most people.

  • Ease of Use – iPads are just so easy to use that even the most novice of users can quickly learn to use them for a multitude of things.  It is easy to check, read and write emails, use social media, communicate with people and even play music.  The ease of using an iPad is so good that most people will never use a laptop or desktop computer again! 

  • Great Apps – iPads have an impressive app selection to make life easier and to turn the most disorganised person into someone who is efficient and on the ball.  For example – there is a calendar, alarm clock, notepad, contacts list, mail browser, camera, and much more.

  • Form Factor - the Form Factor (meaning the size and shape) of an iPad makes it much easier to read information from a website. Consumption of the information becomes that much easier on an iPad compared to a smartphone.

  • Entertainment – the availability of games, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music all give the iPad the fun factor appeal.


Should I buy a refurbished Apple iPad?

Why pay more when you can buy for less?  Let’s be honest Brand New iPads are not cheap and some cost just as much as a premium laptop.  The savings you make when buying a refurbished iPad are incredible.  All our refurbished iPads are great quality so you won’t even be compromising on quality and it definitely won’t mean that you are getting a lesser device in any way. You choose the price you want to pay depending on the cosmetic condition of the iPad so we cater for all budgets and needs. Obviously the better the condition the more you will pay but even our ‘Pristine’ refurbished iPads offer great value for money.   


OK so I know I want to buy a refurbished Apple iPad but why should I buy it from The Big Phone Store?

The most important thing to bear in mind when buying a refurbished iPad is that you MUST buy from the right place.  We believe that to be us because we are rigorous in our testing and refurbishing procedures and we ultimately want you to be happy with what you are buying.  It creates more work and hassle for us if we don’t get it right the first time round so making sure that our customers are nothing but happy with our refurbished iPads is a must for us!  We offer free delivery on all orders over £30.00 and all our refurbished iPads come with a 12-month warranty (with the exception of those descried as ‘Fair’ which come with a 3-month warranty).  We offer a fantastic Price Promise Match so you can be assured that we are 100% confident that you won’t find a better price! Our answer to the question “Why should I buy from The Big Phone Store” is simply “Why wouldn’t you buy from The Big Phone Store?”

Which refurbished Apple iPad should I buy?

If you want the best of the best then go for a refurbished Apple iPad Pro – you won’t be disappointed with this super-fast device that offers a gorgeous large screen that is bright and colorful.  If on the other hand you just want something that does the job and you don’t mind it being one of the older models then choose the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 or even iPad 4 and then there is the iPad Air for those wanting the best of both worlds.  

If you are still undecided then feel free to Contact Us and one of our friendly experts will only be to happy to help.  No question is too small for us and we promise to help you find your perfect iPad!

How much does a refurbished iPad cost?

The Big Phone Store has refurbished Apple iPads to cover a wide range of budgets.  At the more affordable end we have iPads at around the £49.99 mark and the most expensive is £570.00 and we also stock everything else in between.  Our iPads come in a range of prices and conditions and you can find your perfect refurbished iPad by using the super helpful filters saving you the chore of looking through pages and pages of products. You won’t even need to pay for delivery for anything over £30.00 so all we can say is happy shopping!


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