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Do I really need a phone case or phone cover?

You see them everywhere, whether online or in shops – you just can’t escape the plethora of phone covers or cases that are on offer in all shapes and sizes.  However, you may find yourself asking whether you really need a phone case for your phone and the question is even more relevant when your phone is a used or refurbished smartphone.  The answer is an overwhelming yes!  After investing in a phone even if it is refurbished, the first and foremost accessory you should buy is a case for it.  After all, protecting your investment is a must and a phone cover does just that!

Why should I buy a phone case?

Cases protect: It’s no secret that smartphones are not invincible – they break, they crack and they scratch easily and whilst you may treat your newly purchased smartphone with kid gloves at first, the novelty soon wears off and we have all been there when in the slip of a second you drop your phone!  A quality phone case will save you from having to spend a small fortune on either having your smartphone repaired or worst still having to purchase a new one! Put simply a smartphone cover will increase the life span of your smartphone and when you decide to buy a new phone a well-protected phone will help you achieve a higher resale price.

Cases are trendy: They don’t just protect – they’re also fashionable.  We stock some seriously funky designed cases and believe it not there is a case to suit every personality.  Some of our customers often buy a range of cases to change the look of their smartphone regularly and they definitely help to stand out in the crowd.   

Cases are discreet: If you have purchased a refurbished smartphone then there may be a few or (depending on the condition of your smartphone) many scratches and imperfections.  A phone cover would easily hide those scuffs, imperfections and scratches and voila – suddenly a used phone looks like a brand spanking new phone. 

Cases are hygienic: Smartphones are exposed to all sorts of dirt and germs and keeping them clean can be a bit of a challenge and this is where smartphone covers are perfect for the job. A smartphone case is easy to clean and easy to replace so you don’t ever have to worry about those lingering germs.

Which is the best mobile phone case?

We stock a huge selection of smartphone cases from renowned brands such as Ted Baker, X-Doria, Tech21 and OnePlus but we also stock lesser-known quality brands such as Griffin Survivor and Knomo.  We proudly stock only the best quality and best value phone covers and cases so have a look through our website to find the perfect one for you.

How much does a case for your phone cost?

With such an impressive range of cases, we are keen on offering a range of prices to suit all budgets ranging from £5.99 at the more affordable end of the spectrum to £22.99 for the designer cases.  Everything else is in between so you can see it is well worth spending that little bit extra on such a must-have accessory!  As well as brand new cases we also offer a used selection for anyone wanting a serious bargain so a cheap phone case is easy to be had and we have the best accessories for phones in the UK.  We replenish our stock daily so if we appear to be out of stock then don’t panic – just contact us and we will be happy to help.

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