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Buy Brand New and Refurbished Tablets for the Best Prices!

What Are Refurbished Tablets?

The Big Phone Store sells a range of high quality refurbished tablets. Refurbished tablets are a great way to save money on a quality device with a large screen. Get the tablet that you want at a much better price than brand new.

A refurbished tablet is a tablet that has had an owner and so is previously used. The refurbished device will have been tested, repaired, and cleaned and then we list it for sale.

The Big Phone Store has a qualified and experienced team of repair technicians who will look at all parts of a tablet to make sure that it is working. They will look at the hardware, such as the screen, the camera and the microphone, as well as the software. We want you to be happy with the refurbished tablet that you have purchased from us and so we take care in testing and repairing our devices carrying out up to 70 automated tests to ensure your device is fully functional prior to dispatch

What Tablet Brands Does The Big Phone Store have?

At The Big Phone Store, we offer a huge number of refurbished tablets from many of the leading tablet brands as well as the less known ones.

Enjoy the incredible screens of the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of devices, or use the brilliant Apple iPad Pro to do your work on the go. We also have devices from Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, and many more and we sell official accessories for these tablets.

With so many refurbished tablets to choose from, at The Big Phone Store you will be able to find a tablet that does what you need it to do. Whether you enjoying playing powerful mobile games with great graphics, watching movie and videos, listening to music, or doing your work when you are away from your laptop or desktop computer, we have a refurbished tablet for you.

The category listings on The Big Phone Store allow you to easily filter the refurbished tablets that we have available. Finding your next tablet will only take a few clicks.

What Sizes of Tablets Do We Offer?

There are many refurbished tablets available at The Big Phone Store, of all different sizes.

Choose from small and slim tablets that have screens of just 7 or 8 inches or go for a huge device with a 12 inch screen. There are also tablets with sizes between that, with refurbished tablets of 9 inches, 10 inches, and 11 inches available.

You may need a larger screen if you want to use your refurbished tablet to play many mobile games or watch TV, or choose a smaller screen if you want to use your refurbished tablet like a phone or if you just want to use it to check emails. We also sell refurbished phones if you would like a device with a smaller screen than 7 inches.

The Big Phone Store menus make it simple to look through our refurbished tablet stock and choose the size you want.

What Are the Refurbished Tablet Prices?

The Big Phone Store aims to offer the best prices for refurbished tablets in the UK. We think that it is very important to be able to access technology at an affordable price. Our refurbished tablets are priced competitively and are more affordable than buying brand new.

Not all of our refurbished tablets are priced the same, because of the brand, year of release, and cosmetic quality.

A tablet that was released in 2014 such as the iPad Air 2 will be more affordable than a device such as the 2019 iPad Air. A refurbished tablet that has a better cosmetic quality than another refurbished tablet will also cost more.

We list refurbished tablets at many price ranges so that anyone with any budget can get a high quality tablet. Please use the options on the menu to find a refurbished tablet in your budget.

What is the Cosmetic Quality of the Refurbished Tablets?

Refurbished tablets each have a refurbished condition which tells you what cosmetic quality the device is in. The device will work and has been tested, but it may not look like new. The refurbished conditions on the product page will help you to make a choice.

A refurbished tablet in pristine condition will look as though it is brand new. You will not be able to see any marks or blemishes on the device.

A refurbished tablet in very good condition may display some marks of use. You may be able to see small blemishes when you look very closely.

A tablet in fair condition may show some more signs of use. It may have some scratches, cracks, dents or screen burn (leaving a residual image) on it and you will be able to tell that it has been used every day.

Refurbished devices in fair condition are more affordable than those in pristine or very good condition. We allow you to choose the cosmetic condition that you want.


All refurbished tablets sold by The Big Phone Store come with a warranty. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase and we want you to know that you are protected if your tablet isn’t what you expected.

Our warranty policy allows you to return your tablet if there has been a hardware issue. We will give you a replacement if one is available but if no replacement is available, we will give you your money back.

All our refurbished tablets have a 12 month warranty with the exception of Fair devices which come with a 3 month warranty.

You can read more about The Big Phone Store warranty policy on this page.


We are also happy to provide free shipping on all orders over £30.00 to our customers in the UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands or the Channel Islands). Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail and will take an estimated 3-5 days to arrive but express delivery is also available at an additional cost.

You can read more about The Big Phone Store delivery policy on this page.


- When is New Stock Added?

We regularly add new stock of refurbished tablets to The Big Phone Store website. You can keep checking back on the website to see when the new stock is available or visit one of our stores.

- What Do I Do if I Don’t See the Tablet I Want?

If you don’t see the tablet that you want listed on the site then please do contact us.
We would be happy to hear from you on The Big Phone Store Facebook page.

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