• Khaya Burrell

    Khaya Burrell

    This store is really good, its has a great range of phones and tablets, reasonably priced as well. Very good customer service and they are very knowledgeable about the phones they sell. They also are the only phone store in Wolverhampton that sell decent phone cables that don't stop working after a few months.
  • Jaike Ghosh

    Jaike Ghosh

    Outstanding! I purchased an S7 edge, very cautious about buying secondhand, but the quality is better than i expected and I received a free case, brilliant.
  • Liam Herald

    Liam Herald

    I ordered a refurbished iPhone 7 as a Christmas present for my partner. I was very surprised when the phone turned up it was in a better condition than I thought it would be. She is still using the device to this day and is still going strong. Thanks guys!
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