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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Second Hand iPhone 12

Buy a Refurbished iPhone 12 With The Big Phone Store Today!

The latest iPhones are taking the world by storm and the iPhone 12 is a testament to that, with a modern, sleek design featuring the latest technology powered through the newest iOS 15. With an impressive A14 Bionic Processor, your phone will always run smoothly, and with wireless charging and a battery life of 48 hours, you can rest assured that the search for power outlets will be over after one charge.

In terms of pure power, appearance, and specifications, this phone strongly rivals the refurbished iPhone 13 making it a perfect upgrade for those who want a powerful device while also saving a little more. Buying a used iPhone 12 not only helps prevent e-waste, it also saves you hundreds of pounds, so you can get Apple’s best, at our amazing prices!

Why Buy an iPhone 12 Second hand?

A refurbished iPhone 12 is a great alternative to buying new! If you're wondering why, the main reasons are the price and the environment. With the worldwide popularity of smartphones, E-waste is a rising issue, and The Big Phone Store is dedicated to combatting that through not only our phone trade-in service but our refurbished iPhones too.

Our refurbished iPhone 12's have been restored and reconditioned to a near new condition allowing you to experience all Apple has to offer.

Why shop with The Big Phone Store?

The Big Phone Store is one of the UK's top phone recycling companies. We've been around for over twenty years, and we're still going strong! Our commitment to recycling has helped us grow into a highly trusted and respected company among both our customers and industry alike.

So if you're ready to buy your refurbished iPhone 12 with The Big Phone Store, save hundreds all while doing your part for the environment!

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