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What makes the Apple iPhone XS max so great? 

Apple IPhones have a reputation for being prestigious in quality and in substance. They have dominated the smartphone industry for years, and they are most buyers first port of call when looking for a new phone. It is clear to see why, with the efficient iOS systems, great camera quality, stunning designs and endless great features, you can’t deny that Apple knows how to make a brilliant phone. Following on from the successful iPhone XS, the XS Max is in a league of its own in the smartphone world, and with the improved battery life and striking larger screen size, the iPhone XS max is the ideal phone for anyone who wants to amp up their smartphone experience. 

As it is the ‘Max’ model, naturally this iphone boats a fantastic screen size of 6.5”. The addition of OLED Display and Super Retina results in vivid colour quality and brightness which leaves for an immersive viewing experience that is unmatched by any other phone, and with an all screen design, the viewing on this really does feel endless. 

The XS Max dual lens 12MP back camera and 7MP front camera enable the XS max to take stunning photos from any angle. With portrait and night mode, you will feel like a photographer, and your photos will stand out against the rest. 

The design of the XS max is also top tier, with the glossy yet durable glass and stainless steel meshing together to create a striking yet classic look that feels light as a feather in your hand. The iphone XS max also comes with a range of great colours available, including silver, space grey and gold. 

This phone protects your privacy with the best facial recognition feature yet. Simply glance at your phone and unlock it with your eyes, meaning nobody else can get access onto your phone unless you want them to. If you do - perfect - you can add a second set of eyes on as well. 

This iphone also performs well under pressure. With the fastest performance seen before in an iphone, you can unlock, scroll and switch between apps incredibly seamlessly and easily, and spend less time sitting waiting for your phone to catch up with you. 

The 11 pro max also offers a wider stereo sound system, so your listening experience can go even further. This offers a cinematic experience, especially with the larger high quality screen. 

As is typical with Apple, there are countless added features to enhance your experience. With handy Apple Pay, wireless charging, screen time, memojis, photo editing tools and great accessories, the benefits are never ending.  It is also splash and water resistance so you can worry less about protecting your phone from the rain. 

To support all the outstanding features, the battery life on the XS max is definitely up to the task. With a 3174mAh battery, you will find it hard to wear this phone down, and if you put demand on your phone then this is definitely the phone for you.  

Is an IPhone XS max worth it? 

The list of benefits to this phone is never ending, and if you are looking to amp up your entire experience when using your phone, then the XS Max is definitely what you need. This phone gives you the ability to scroll, stream, watch, game, shop and capture amazing images all on a larger scale, and it is definitely worth the money. 

Why you should buy an Apple iPhone XS max reconditioned and not brand new… 

It can’t be denied that Apple's brand is built around prestige products that unfortunately have pretty high price tags. They also have constant new products releasing, and for those that want to keep up with these new releases but also don’t want to pay the hefty price, buying an iphone refurbished is the way forward. With different grades, conditions and prices available, Apple technology is now more accessible than ever. With many ‘used’ and renovated products coming in a pristine or close to new condition, the only real difference that you will see from normal is the dramatic change in price tag - it really is that simple. 

Why you should shop iPhones refurbished at The Big Phone Store… 

When it comes to selling refurbished iphones, we know what we are talking about. We are an experienced and respected seller, and our products are graded to a high level of accuracy, plus we always price better than our competitors. So look no further and get Free Delivery as well as a One Year Warranty on your  iphone XS Max. We also have a host of additional accessories and cases, so you can complete your entire used and refurbished iphone purchase today! 

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