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Amazing Deals on New, Used & Refurbished Smartwatches

Everyone needs a Smartwatch!

It looks like a watch and is worn like a watch but a Smartwatch is way more than that. It is an incredible piece of technology designed to provide the user with a smartphone experience on the wrist.  The idea of a Smartwatch has been toyed around for decades but it wasn’t until the 2010s that the idea became a reality.  Today major companies such as Samsung, Apple and Sony have become key players in the Smartwatch market and the demand for refurbished Smartwatches is growing at an exponentially rapid pace.

So what is so good about Smartwatches?

A Smartwatch goes way beyond telling you the time and with people ditching the traditional watch seeing that their smartphones can tell the time and set alarms, in today’s technological era a watch simply needs to do more.  Most people buy Smartwatches as a health gadget as the device offers features such as a heart rate sensor and it is a great fitness tracker helping you keep to your fitness goals. It counts steps, calories, distance and measures heart rate, pulse etc and basically is your best friend when you want to keep fit. We all know how hard it is to carry a phone around at all times and at those rare moments when your phone is hidden away in your bag the Smartwatch offers the ability to stay connected - you can view and reply to messages immediately, you can receive calls, and some even allow interaction through social media.  A Smartwatch is also brilliant at helping you find your lost phones or keys via its ‘Find Phone’ feature - we have all been in that frustrating situation where you waste precious time looking for your lost phone and that is a thing of the past with the Smartwatch. Not only are they such a useful gadget and have been referred to as ‘a personal trainer on my wrist’ but Smartwatches also look uber cool!

Should I buy a refurbished Smartwatch?

A refurbished device is NOT a faulty device – far from it!  Buying a refurbished Smartwatch simply means that you will be landing yourself an incredible deal.  Buying brand new isn’t for everyone and often for many it just isn’t worth paying the hefty price tag that comes with a brand new device. A refurbished Smartwatch doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a perfectly working device. In fact, our Pristine refurbished Smartwatches are just like new and no one would be able to tell the difference.  The key is to buy from a reputable dealer like The Big Phone Store and seeing we offer a 12-month warranty on all our refurbished Smartwatches (except “Fair” Smartwatches which come with a 3 month warranty) and we have a great returns policy you can buy with reassurance and peace of mind. However, we know that some people just want a brand new Smartwatch and there is nothing wrong with that so to keep everyone happy we even stock some of those at the best price you can buy!

Which is the best refurbished Smartwatch?

Here at the Big Phone Store we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach because different Smartwatches suit different people.  From our experience though the most popular Smartwatches we sell are our refurbished Apple Smartwatches, our refurbished Samsung Smartwatches and our refurbished Fitbit Smartwatches and we think this is due to the reasons listed below.

  • Our refurbished Samsung Smartwatches are probably generally accepted as the best Android Smartwatches.  They have an impressive battery life and high-end design whilst being light and comfortable and Samsung clearly believe in simplicity when it comes to fitness trackers. If you own a Galaxy or Note phone then it makes sense to go for one of the Samsung Smartwatches. Our refurbished Samsung watches cater for all budgets ranging from a highly affordable £20.00 to a slightly pricier but competitive nevertheless £330.00.

  • Our refurbished Apple Smartwatches offer ultimate comfort and with the release of the Series 5, the Apple 4 is the Smartwatch to have because it truly is fantastic and offers great value for a superb product.  To make the most of it you need to own an iPhone to be able to enjoy the features fully but that doesn’t mean you rule it out if you do not have one.  You can still tell the time, set alarms, track your fitness and health (via the Activity app and Workout app) without an iPhone.    The prices of our refurbished Apple smartwatches range from £179.00 - £330.00 which is much cheaper than brand new models.

  • We also have a great range of refurbished Fitbit Smartwatches which are renowned for being the biggest sellers in fitness trackers.  These are highly affordable and whilst they don’t do as much as the Apple or Samsung Smartwatches – for someone just wanting a healthier lifestyle this is the gadget for you. It tracks your sleep, heart rate, sets goals of steps per day and basically motivates you to get moving.  Whilst, with Apple Smartwatches and Samsung Smartwatches, smart technology is first and foremost with fitness tracking as an additional feature – with Fitbits it really is vice versa.  The Fitbit focuses on fitness first and the smart technology is a bonus. Our refurbished Fitbit Smartwatches range from around £25.00 - £130.00

  • Whilst the above are the more well known Smartwatches we do have a fabulous selection of other refurbished Smartwatches and it really is worth looking through these to see if they better suit your needs and these range between £15.00 - £190.00.

Which refurbished Smartwatch is best for me?

If you are a seasoned Smartwatch wearer wanting the best of smart technology coupled with fitness tracking then without a doubt go for one of our Apple or Samsung Smartwatches – and the most you will be having to spend will be around £300.00 which is still very competitive when compared to brand new Smartwatches. If fitness is your main focus and you still want the best at a reasonable price then we think the Fitbit is the one for you. If, however you are new to the Smartwatch game and are undecided then go for any of our other Smartwatches to test the waters and then graduate onto the more accomplished Smartwatches. The choice is yours.

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