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A refurbished Apple iPhone 11 is a premium iPhone. Long-lasting 3,110 mAh Lithium-ion battery, 12-MP Double-lens rear camera, and 4GB RAM which, paired with the powerful A13 Bionic processor will provide smooth performance whether you're streaming or recording 4K video, playing games, or Facetiming. All of these impressive hardware components combine extremely well with its impressive 6.1-inch screen size and a liquid retina display, making it the perfect size for an all-purpose phone.

The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019, as part of the iPhone 11 line. The other iPhones that were released within this line are the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro and the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How much is a refurbished iPhone 11?

The amount that you'll be paying for a refurbished iPhone 11 depends on two main factors; the cosmetic condition and the storage size. The phones that we sell come in three cosmetic conditions: Pristine, Very Good and Good.

What do these cosmetic conditions mean?

  • Pristine - A premium product with no visible signs of use and this is basically as good as it gets like new when purchasing a refurbished device

  • Very Good - This product is in very good condition with only light signs of use

  • Good - A used product with moderate signs of use, ideal for someone who wants good value for money and is not looking for a 'perfect looking' device

The better the cosmetic condition of the phone, the higher the price. Regardless of which condition you buy, all of our devices are fully tested using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that it is fully working.

What are the storage options that I have with a refurbished iPhone 11?

Luckily for you, the iPhone 11 has a storage size for everyone. The three options you have are 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The higher the storage, the more space that you will have on your phone to store things like music, photos, and videos. If you're unsure on which one to go for, we recommend taking how many photos you take, and whether or not you stream or download your music into consideration. With the era of cloud storage well underway, it's easier than ever to keep your photos in a safe place without clogging your phone's memory with too much data.

Will the colour that I buy impact the price?

The short answer is no. There may be very rare scenarios that cause certain colours to cost more than others, but the change in price will never be drastic.

The Apple iPhone 11 is available in 6 colours: Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, and White.

How do I know I'm getting the best Apple iPhone 11 deal?

Our pricing team spends numerous hours every day, 7 days a week, scouring the internet for deals that are better than ours to ensure that our pricing is competitive!

While we think it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to find a better refurbished iPhone 11 deal, if you somehow manage to find a better price, then take a look at our Price Promise Match. We'll match the deal that they're offering and give you a free gift worth up to £50!

Why buy an Apple iPhone 11 refurbished?

The Apple iPhone 11 is currently one of Apple's best phones and with that comes a high price tag, which is where we come in! A refurbished (or used) iPhone 11 can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than its counterpart. What's more, is that when you buy an Apple iPhone 11 from us, you're guaranteed a high-quality product.

Our team of experts rigorously tests every device before it is listed on our website, so that it'll work exactly the same as if you bought it as new. What's more? We offer a 12 month warranty with every purchase too - just the same as if you were buying it anywhere else!

Apart from price, why else should I buy a refurbished iPhone 11?

In our opinion, the most important reason that you should consider buying refurbished is to help combat the rising problem of e-waste. Each year, there is over 1.45 million tonnes of e-waste. This number is getting bigger and bigger as each year goes by, causing toxic chemicals and non-recyclable materials to be discarded. With each refurbished Apple iPhone 11 we sell, 194 grams of e-waste is saved!

By buying refurbished - you not only stop the phone from going to landfill, but you also cut out all of the pollution caused by manufacturing and transporting the device overseas. For more information, feel free to check our YouTube video!

If you want to either recycle or sell your second hand iPhone 11 once you're ready to upgrade, we're also happy to help.

Why buy with The Big Phone Store?

Because we put our customers first! When you buy from us we offer a 12 month warranty to protect you from any manufacturer faults. We also offer a 14-day, no-quibble return policy which means if you simply aren't happy with your second-hand iPhone 11 for whatever reason, you're able to return it for a full refund. Our aim is to give all customers peace of mind which each purchase. If you're still unsure, take a look at what our customers have had to say about us over on TrustPilot!

Here at The Big Phone Store, we've been working with phones for over 20 years. We have a showroom in Wolverhampton too, so if you're local, please feel free to visit us and take a look at our phones in person! We're proud of the great service we provide, from selling our expertly refurbished iPhones to our trade-in system that allows you to sell your phone, wherein we recycle your old devices to help reduce e-waste.

Need help picking a phone?

You're in luck! We have personalised shopping assistants on hand to help you pick the phone that will suit you. Whether it’s price, condition, or usability that you’re worried about, our UK-based customer service team is happy to help. You can contact us here, or you can give us a call on 0800 888 6497 from Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5:30PM.

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