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Why Should I Buy A Refurbished iPhone? 

There are many reasons you may decide to buy a second-hand iPhone. One of the most common reasons is in order to save money when buying a new phone. Apple iPhone's are deservedly one of the most sought after phones - this means that they can come with a hefty price tag! Here at The Big Phone Store, we offer our customers an alternative solution with our used iPhones that are available for a fraction of the price. Whether it be the old but gold iPhone 6 or Apple's latest release, the iPhone 13 - we have the perfect solution for you!

Another reason you may want to buy a reconditioned iPhone is to help the environment! Now, you may be thinking "How does buying a refurbished iPhone help save the environment?". The answer, quite simply, is that by buying a used iPhone, you're rehoming a phone that otherwise would've ended up in a tip! By the end of 2020, 55.5 Mt (million tons) of electronic waste was discarded across the globe, almost none of which will have a positive or neutral impact on the environment. Put simply, by buying a reconditioned iPhone, you're purchasing in a way that directly impacts the environment positively.

What’s the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a second-hand iPhone?

At The Big Phone Store, there’s absolutely no difference. We refer to all of our iPhones as either refurbished, reconditioned, used, or second-hand. When buying from other marketplaces or retailers, anything that isn’t refurbished or reconditioned may mean that it hasn’t been restored before being sold again.

Will a refurbished iPhone last?

Whenever we receive a used iPhone, we always ensure that it is thoroughly tested, repaired, and cleaned before being sent out! We hope all of our customers looking for either a refurbished iPhone, second hand iPhone or reconditioned iPhone can have peace of mind shopping with us knowing we test our phones thoroughly.

Do refurbished iPhones come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 12-month warranty with all phones that aren’t graded as “Fair” meaning that if for whatever reason your second-hand iPhone develops a fault, you’ll be able to return it.

Should I Buy a refurbished iPhone in 2022?

Buying a refurbished iPhone in 2022 is a perfect idea. If you're looking to upgrade from your old phone or simply replace a damaged device, then buying a refurbished iPhone is the way to go for your wallet and the environment!

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