Refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

Refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

New, Used, Refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

New, Used, Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Buy a new or refurbished Samsung S24 Ultra at The Big Phone Store.

Discover the best way to buy a second hand Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: buy refurbished today. As an independent refurbisher, The Big Phone Store can offer you the best prices for Samsung devices you can trust; with the same 12-month warranty and money-back guarantee that you would get when buying brand-new.


In Detail: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • S-Pen Included - The S24 Ultra comes with the S-Pen as standard. This smart pen is a stylus that is stored in a handy slot in the base of the phone.

  • 2K (6.8") Display - The S24 ultra boasts an absurdly high-resolution screen. At 3088x1440 pixels, this is a true 2K-resolution screen - where individual pixels will be practically impossible to see! Not only that, the square-cut design means that you get to use the full size of the massive 6.8" display, from corner to corner.

  • Sustainably produced - Samsung has given the S24 Ultra the best green credentials of its three 2024 flagships. With a minimum of 40% pre- and post-consumer recycled cobalt in the battery, as well as 100% post-consumer recycled rare-earth elements in the device's speakers.

  • AI-powered photos - Capture photographs and video with a truly awesome level of detail thanks to the Galaxy S24 Ultra's AI-enhanced cameras.

  • AI Powered by Google Gemini - The Galaxy S24 Ultra was launched as a phone built for AI, but what does that mean? In the past, even basic AI features such as voice recognition have mostly used cloud-based processing. The AI advancements in the S24 Ultra now enable these communication features to function directly on your device - keeping your voice data private, and allowing faster operation speeds. Not only that, the on-device AI chip can run its own Large Language Model (powered by Google's Gemini AI) to provide text summaries, advice on writing messages, and generate drafts of notes you want to take.


How much does a refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra cost?

The cost of your refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra will vary greatly depending on the condition that it comes in. Phones that are in perfect condition will sell for a lot more money than phones that have noticeable wear and tear - but on the other hand, phones that have a few scratches are a great way to get a crazy-cheap deal on a high-spec device!

You can even spread the cost of your S24 Ultra into a number of more manageable payments with Klarna.


Why is The Big Phone Store the best place to buy a used Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Let’s put it this way - there are two main ways to buy a pre-owned device. You could buy a used phone from a private seller, which might save you a little money - but that’s where the benefits end. Buying second hand phones directly leaves you, the buyer, with very little reassurance if your sale goes wrong. Purchasing a refurbished Samsung device is the only way to make sure you have a fully-working second-hand phone, with a 12-month warranty and 14-day money back guarantee included! On top of that - we make sure every device is professionally sanitised before we ship it out. Did you know that the average phone is home to more germs than a toilet seat? Think about that next time you’re eyeing up a used phone on facebook marketplace! 

Now that we have your attention, here’s why The Big Phone Store is the number one place to buy your next refurbished phone!


Refurbished Samsung Devices, Unbeatable Prices

We compare prices across every major refurbisher in the UK to make sure we’re always offering you the best deal possible for your new Samsung phone! Our dedicated team checks prices throughout the day, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best deal - and with free shipping on all orders over £30, there’s no hidden costs to worry about! 


Experience Where it Matters

No call centres, no third parties, no hidden fees. Just a dedicated customer service team at our UK-based refurbishment hub, where we’ve been refurbishing and recycling consumer electronics since the 1990s!

No wonder our website boasts a 5-Star badge from TrustPilot - you can’t do any better than that!


Shop in store!?

Looking for a local place to browse refurbished phones in the UK? Why not visit our Wolverhampton store! Here’s our address:

Unit 9, Waddens Brook Ln, Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF

To make sure you get the best service, make sure to bring your ID and some proof of address. We're open Monday to Saturday, 9am till 5.30pm. All of the refurbished devices on our website are available to view in person, so you can take a look at the device yourself before you decide to buy.


Can you trust our refurbished Samsung phones?

Yes! All of our devices are tested using Phonecheck: a state of the art software that checks up to 90 features of each device - including battery health, touchscreen responsiveness, and connectivity. Regardless of how the phone may look, it is 100% guaranteed to work, which we’ll back up with up to 12 months’ warranty and a 14-day no-quibble returns period.

Our complete phone restoration process goes further than simply performing a factory reset - we complete a full, professional-level data destruction wipe on every device we refurbish, making sure that there’s no trace of the phone’s previous owner anywhere in the device.


Can I sell my old device to you?

Yes! At The Big Phone Store, we don’t just sell refurbished devices - we’re also one of the best places in the country to sell your old device. Want to find out more? Click here to be taken to our trade-in site!