Comparing Back Market vs The Big Phone Store

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12-Month Warranty
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Wide Selection of Brands and Models***
Average Battery Health 85%+
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Certified with 90+ Quality Checks
Over 5 Million Phones Sold

*BackMarket is a Marketplace ** On orders over £150. ***Wide Selection of Brands and Models includes Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Sony Xperia, Nokia, Honor, and CAT. (All information is up-to-date as of 03/07/2024).

Comparing Back Market vs The Big Phone Store is the new kid on the block when it comes to buying refurbished devices. As a marketplace website (similar to Amazon Renewed), their website brings together hundreds of refurbishers, big and small, experienced and new, to help people find the refurbished iPhone or Android phone they want. With so many refurbishers under one roof, however, there have to be some compromises. BackMarket has to take a cut of every sale, and the quality of the refurbished phone you receive can vary depending on the supplier. That’s just the first reason why we believe The Big Phone Store is the best alternative to Back Market. Keep reading below for more!

Comparing Back Market vs The Big Phone Store
Who’s Been Selling Refurb Phones Since 1999

Who’s Been Selling Refurb Phones Since 1999?

Back Market or The Big Phone Store: who has more refurb expertise?

The answer is simple: The Big Phone Store has been selling refurbished phones since 1999, which means we have over 25 years of refurb experience. Back Market, on the other hand, is not a refurbisher. Instead, BackMarket is an online marketplace, similar to Amazon, where multiple refurbishers come together to sell devices. Not only that, before 2014, BackMarket didn’t even exist!

Which Company Is Based In The UK?

Back Market was founded in 2014 by French entrepreneurs Thibaud Hug de Larauze, Quentin Le Brouster, and Vianney Vaute, and the company remains French-owned today. The company only launched in the UK in 2020 - over two decades after The Big Phone Store started refurbishing phones, and more recently than we first launched our online store. Meanwhile, The Big Phone Store operates out of a 1-acre refurbishment facility based right here in Wolverhampton. As far as we’re aware, no other refurbisher is as well trusted, deeply experienced, and privately owned right here in the UK. In 2023, we were identified as the UK’s fastest-growing refurbished phone brand (according to 3rd-party web traffic estimates).

Which Company Is Based In The UK
Which Company Offers a UK-Based Customer Service Helpline - Back Market vs The Big Phone Store

Which Company Offers a UK-Based Customer Service Helpline?

Back Market boasts to its sellers that it fully outsources the customer experience. While this allows smaller refurbishers to enter the market, it also means that Back Market is acting as a middle-man between you and the seller. This might not be great for you if you're encountering technical issues! At The Big Phone Store, it’s our goal to cut out any middle-men that cost you money and provide less value. That’s why we provide a dedicated customer service helpline, based directly out of our huge refurb & recycling facility in Wolverhampton! That means friendly, expert advice, as well as direct, hands-on assistance with your order or trade-in at every step of the way. At time of writing, BackMarket offers no contact details without logging in and creating an account on their website. Meanwhile, The Big Phone Store’s customer service team is here to offer advice and to help you with your purchase right from the start.

Which Company is Cheaper?

On the one hand, Back Market acts as a middle-man between you and the refurbisher. The company needs to make money, and so the company takes a cut of every sale through their platform (which drives up the price). You can avoid these price hikes by buying direct from a refurbisher who doesn’t pay to appear on Back Market’s website, such as The Big Phone Store. On the other hand, as a large marketplace, BackMarket’s prices can vary a lot depending on the refurbisher who supplies the phone. That means that sometimes, you’ll find a cheaper phone on Back Market’s website than from The Big Phone Store. This is because we refuse to save money by cutting corners, or compromise on our strict quality standards, while still offering highly competitive pricing. When it comes to refurbishers, we’re not the cheapest - we’re the best.

Which Company Offers Phone at Cheaper Price - Back Market vs The Big Phone Store
Which Sells Brand-New and Like-New Phones

Which Sells Brand-New and Like-New Phones?

Back Market sells phones in 3 refurbished conditions, with their highest grade being Excellent’ (which matches our ‘Pristine’ condition). This is a phone with light signs of use. It may have a few visible scratches, the kind of very light micro-scratches that can only be seen when viewed close-up. Meanwhile, The Big Phone Store sells phones in an impressive SIX different conditions, most notably adding ‘Like New’ (with zero marks or light scratches of any kind) and ‘Brand New’. That’s right, Brand New, as in sealed-in-box.

Which Company Has Better Quality Control?

As an independent refurbisher, The Big Phone Store has full oversight over every refurbished phone we sell. Every phone is tested by us in-house using a 90-point Phoneheck™ test, which is widely recognised as being one of the most detailed quality assurance tests available for smartphones. Not only that, if you’re unsatisfied with your order, you can get in touch with us directly! Meanwhile, Back Market uses a "Quality Charter" to hold its sellers accountable for the quality levels required. In practice, Back Market does not oversee every product sold, so the actual quality of the device can vary considerably.

Which Company Has Better Quality Control
T Also Accept Trade-Ins

We Also Accept Trade-Ins!

Sell your old phone directly to The Big Phone Store with our awesome three-step trade-in process.

1.Instant Quote:

Simply check out our Sell My Phone and search for your device, let us know what condition it’s in, and get an instant quote right before your eyes!

2.Free Shipping:

The Big Phone Store offers completely FREE shipping for your old phone when you send it to us! Find out more when you check out.

3.Fast Payment:

If your phone arrives with us in the correct condition, you could receive a payment for it on the very same day!

Our Unique Services (Updated 2024):

Upgrade to 100% battery health with our battery replacement service!

The Big Phone Store is proud to offer an awesome service when you’re buying a refurbished phone. On selected models, we will replace the battery in your refurbished phone with a brand-new one, boosting you to 100% battery health! Choose this add-on at checkout to make sure your refurbished phone reaches you with a fully healthy battery.

Speaking of renewal, you can also choose for us to ship your refurbished phone in original branded packaging (subject to availability). Simply select the ‘Original Box’ add-on when you check out!

Battery Replacement Service
Battery Replacement Service

Hand-fitted screen protectors!

Say goodbye to bubbles under your screen protector. If you choose to add-on a screen protector, rear-glass protector or camera-lens protector to your refurbished phone purchase, our expert mobile phone technicians will hand-fit it to your device, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.

Visit us in Wolverhampton!

That’s right, we are open to the public! Our dedicated recycling and refurbishment facility, based right here in Wolverhampton, is home to a public showroom where you can take a look at the quality of our devices with your very own eyes! This is absolutely something that we’re proud of.

Please come and give us a visit, we love to welcome people to our store and our friendly team are always on hand to help with any questions you might have. We’re open Monday-Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, at:

The Big Phone Store
Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Lane
Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF

Want a sneak peek inside our store? Click here to watch our recent ad!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Back Market trustworthy?
A: Back Market, a platform for refurbished electronics, has mixed reviews. Many customers report positive experiences with competitive prices, good product conditions, and prompt shipping. However, there are also significant complaints about customer service and issues with product discrepancies. Some users have encountered problems with receiving items that do not match descriptions or experiencing difficulties with returns and refunds. It's important to read reviews carefully and be aware that experiences can vary widely depending on the seller and specific transaction.
Q: Does Back Market use genuine parts?
A: Back Market's use of genuine parts varies. Some customers have reported receiving devices with non-genuine parts, such as replacement screens on iPhones that trigger warnings about non-original components. However, many users have been satisfied with their purchases, noting good performance and condition despite some parts not being original. It's essential to review product listings and seller reviews carefully to gauge the likelihood of receiving genuine parts. Overall, experiences can vary depending on the specific device and seller.