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Refurbished Phones
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1 - 34 of 34 items

What Are Refurbished Phones?

A refurbished phone is a phone that has had a previous owner but has been returned, traded in, or sold to a retailer before being repaired, cleaned, and tested and being sold again.

Refurbished phones are a lot more affordable than buying brand new. They allow you to get the phone that you want at a price that you can afford.

There are many reasons that a phone may be returned or traded in. Sometimes, the phone’s original owner will feel that the features and technical specifications do not fit their needs or requirements. Other times, the phone will have had a fault and has been returned to the retailer or manufacturer in order to be repaired. Users may also trade their phones in when a new phone has been released and they no longer need their old handset.

Refurbished phones will have different levels of use. The owner may have only used the phone for one or two days before returning it. Or, it may have been a phone that has been used every day.

Refurbished phones may come in generic packaging (without the branded of the manufacturer, such as Apple, Samsung, or Huawei) or they will include their original packaging. This varies, but we list this information in the description so that you know what to expect when buying.

Are Refurbished Phones Good Quality?

All of the refurbished phones sold by The Big Phone Store are good quality. Every phone that we sell will work like new, as you would expect.

The cosmetic condition of each refurbished phone will vary, however. We mark this with a refurbished grading system.

  • Like New Refurbished Phones: Refurbished phones in “Like New” condition will be in excellent cosmetic condition, they will display no marks or blemishes and you will not be able to tell the difference between these handsets and brand new.

  • Pristine Refurbished Phones: Handsets listed as “pristine” condition mostly look like new but they may display some very small marks or blemishes on the body of the phone.

  • Very Good Refurbished Phones: Devices in “very good” condition show small signs of use.

  • Fair Refurbished Phones: Refurbished phones in “fair” condition will be well-used phones and they may display some scratching and marks.

Refurbished phones in Like New condition do cost more than those with other refurbished grades. Fair refurbished phones are the most affordable. Our grading system and the category filters on our website allow you to select the refurbished grade that suits your budget.

How Do We Test Our Refurbished Phones?

Every refurbished phone sold by The Big Phone Store goes through an extensive testing process. Our fully-trained, phone testing professionals test every aspect of the phone to ensure that it works as intended.

We test everything from the battery condition and the battery life, whether the screen displays any screen burn, and we ensure that any data has been wiped from the phone as well. We use software and our own professional expertise to test our phones and perform repairs using industry-grade tools, many of which are sourced from the original manufacturer of the phone.

Do Refurbished Phones from The Big Phone Store Come With a Warranty?

To give you added confidence when you purchase a refurbished phone from The Big Phone Store, all of our phones come with a warranty.

Our Like New and Pristine refurbished phones come with a 12-month warranty, our Very Good refurbished phones come with a 6-month warranty, and our Fair refurbished phones come with a 3-month warranty.

You can find out more about our warranty policies by visiting this page.

Does The Big Phone Store Offer Free Shipping?

We offer free shipping on our products within the United Kingdom. Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail and has an estimated delivery time of between 2-5 days.

You can find out more about our deliveries by visiting this page.

What Refurbished Phones Are Available?

With The Big Phone Store, you can buy a variety of refurbished phones. We sell refurbished iPhones, refurbished Samsung phones, as well as refurbished phones from brands like Acer, Google, Huawei, Nokia, and Microsoft.

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