The Big Phone Store: Refurb Phone Experts, Trusted by the Press

The Big Phone Store is one of the UK’s oldest consumer tech recyclers, and an established player in the country’s circular economy. Also trading as Euro Communications Distribution Ltd. since 1999, we’ve been repairing, refurbishing and recycling mobile phones and other tech items for over a quarter century.

Since launching our online storefront in 2018, our industry expertise has allowed us to quickly become one of the leading refurbished smartphone retailers in the UK, and we are well-placed to provide journalists with an authoritative view on all aspects of the refurbished tech market.

We offer:

  • Detailed insight into refurbished phones, consumer tech, e-waste, and the circular economy.
  • Analysis of current trends in tech, as well as sustainability, ESG, and greenwashing.
  • Expert commentary on sustainability in the smartphone industry
  • Business management insights from our Founder and Managing Director
  • … and fast responses from our experts whenever possible.

Media Contacts

Whatever you need for your story, whether it’s data, commentary, or expertise, you can count on our experts to provide it.

Steven Athwal

Steven Athwal, Founder and Managing Director

Steven has worked in the mobile phone industry for over 30 years, and has a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to sustainable tech, electronics recycling, and smartphones. He founded The Big Phone Store in 1999, and remains a fully hands-on leader at the company. He is always ready to respond to requests for information or insight into the refurbished smartphone market, and regularly appears as an expert in top industry publications.

Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon, Recruitment & Wellbeing Manager

Rachel is a people-first recruitment professional who understands that putting together a great team goes beyond the interviews. As a very hands-on personnel expert, Rachel takes responsibility for everything from team building and socials, to making sure that everybody has what they need to thrive.

Rochelle Foster

Rochelle Foster, Head of Ecommerce

Rochelle Foster commands all of our online sales channels, which includes not only our main retail website but also our partnerships with Google, Amazon, and eBay. Rochelle is also a seasoned retail and consumer behavior expert who can speak in detail about current trends in e-commerce.

Ben Steele

Ben Steele, Digital Marketer & AI Content Developer

Ben Steele is our resident digital marketer and content creator. Since joining The Big Phone Store in 2021, he has successfully led the company’s TikTok account to over 7 million views (and counting)! As well as creating images and videos for social media, Ben is already a seasoned expert in generative AI, having worked with the technology as far back as 2020.

Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris, Lead Writer & PR

Andrew Norris is a content writer who complements his expertise in refurbished phones with a background in both creative writing and environmental advocacy. As well as being skilled in SEO content, Andrew is a gamer, VR user, and always up-to-date when it comes to the very latest in consumer technology.

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