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Seems obvious but what are Headphones?

You walk into any street, cafe, train or public place and you will see the majority of people around you wearing either Headphones or Earphones.  With the rise of the smartphone which provides all manner of entertainment it is impossible to get bored these days and Headphones and Earphones simply allow you to enjoy that entertainment whether that’s listening to music or watching a film or even allow you to work during your daily commute without impacting others. Exercise is also no longer boring because you can listen to your favourite tunes to help you and even motivate you to get through it. Headphones are great for gaming at home too because not everyone in the house wants to be listening to you play your rather loud game!

Headphones are basically small loudspeakers that you wear around the head or in the case of Earphones in the ears in order to enable you to listen to audio without disturbing those around you. Headphones vary in size, shape, design and price and there is a huge selection of these devices around. 

Which are better - Headphones or Earphones?

This really is a difficult question to answer because it comes down to individual preference and also the purpose for which they are being used.  Headphones rest on your outer ear whereas Earphones are placed in the outer opening of the ear but both Headphones and Earphones are noise cancelling devices so essentially perform the same function but there are differences.

  • Generally speaking, Headphones are better at noise cancelling and provide a better quality sound simply because they really do isolate you from the world so these are better suited for tasks that require complete isolation or concentration. Depending on the make and model - Headphones are considered more comfortable due to the cushioning they provide to the ear.  When listening to music, Headphones really do pick up every single sound especially the bass so you really do enjoy your music to the fullest extent.

  • Earphones on the other hand are small and lightweight so offer more ease in terms of portability. They are also often less expensive (although there are exceptions to the rule).  Earphones are more discreet compared to Headphones and they won’t ruin your hairstyle and if you wear glasses or earrings, they won’t affect them either. However, Earphones tend not to filter outside noise as well as Headphones but there are many great Earphones which do an exceptional job at doing so such as the Apple Airpods. In situations where you want to be aware of your surroundings to some degree then Earphones are better and you can even just use the one earphone should you want.

So which is better? Our advice is that if you want superior sound quality then go for the Headphones but if you want something that is easy to carry around and you don’t necessarily want to block out the outside world then go for Earphones. Better still - seeing that we offer super competitive prices which are the best on the market then buy both! You’re covered for all situations then.

Which Headphones/Earphones are the best?

There is an abundance of Headphones and Earphones around but we only sell the best quality ones.  Apple Headphones, Beats Headphones and Sony Headphones are our most popular selling brands and tend to sell fast due to high demand but we also stock other brands.  We have both Brand New and beautifully Refurbished Headphones and Earphones so why not buy your perfect set right now!

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