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Mobiles Between £30.00 - £100.00

Buy Best Budget Smartphone Under £100

Find The Best Budget Smartphone Under £100 at The Big Phone Store

At The Big Phone Store, we understand that you don't have to break the bank to own a reliable and efficient phone. That's why we've curated an exceptional range of cheap phones to help you find the best cheap smartphone for your needs. With the technology behind the very latest smartphones evolving at an incredible pace, our selection is your ticket to a budget phone that will keep you connected whilst spending very little money.

Can I get a good modern smartphone for under £100?

When you're looking at low-cost smartphones, you might think that you're not able to get a phone that has all of the features you're looking for - excellent battery life, simple operating system, reliable performance, etc. However, as technology has progressed, these incredible features have become more and more common - meaning that you can get a great value phone that is fully capable and covers all the basic functions without having to pay hundreds and hundreds for a top-of-the-line model.

Nearly all modern smartphones sold today come with a large display, sleek design, and rear camera for taking great snaps. The latest Android phones can all use Google Assistant as standard!

Budget Phones With Long Lasting Batteries

Budget phones often come with less powerful processors and dimmer, lower-resolution screens - meaning that any low-cost phone with a large battery is a phone with long-lasting battery life that can last at least a full day on a single charge.

Save Money by Buying Refurbished

You'll be amazed at how much high tech you can squeeze into a £100 budget when you're buying a refurbished device. Depending on the condition of the device you're buying, you might find some of the very best smartphones available at prices under £100, with premium features like an OLED display, boosted games performance, sharper camera,

Decades of Expertise

Our expert team at our Wolverhampton refurbishment centre has been restoring phones since 1999 - ensuring that each phone we sell is fully tested to meet strict quality standards.

Why Choose a Budget Smartphone?

Here are just a few reasons why you might be looking for a low-cost or refurbished smarphone


The most obvious reason to go for a budget phone is its low cost. Save your hard-earned money for other essentials without sacrificing on the basics of a great, cheap smartphone.


Buying refurbished doesn't just mean getting a cheap phone - it contributes to a greener planet by minimizing electronic waste.

No Long-term Commitments:

Forget about being locked into expensive contracts and enjoy the flexibility of a budget-friendly, pay-as-you-go option by paying the full cost of a SIM Free phone upfront!

Trade-in and Save More!

Don’t forget, you can also trade-in your old device with us to spend even less on your new device. Visit our real-world store location in Wolverhampton or use our online webstore's trade-in service.

Our cheapest models

Here are a few of our top picks under £100:

Cheap Android Phones

The Samsung Galaxy A30s is a budget-friendly smartphone with premium features. Ideal for Android enthusiasts looking for an incredibly cheap smartphone. Whilst the Google Pixel 3, as time has gone on, this flagship phone has dropped lower and lower in price. Get a flagship phone for less than £100 with this affordable option!

Cheapest iPhone

The iPhone SE 2020 is by far the cheapest iPhone we currently sell - and if you’re willing to try a refurbished device with a few visible scratches, it comes very close to dipping below the £100 barrier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these phones come with a warranty?

Absolutely. All our refurbished phones come with up to 12 months’ warranty to give you peace of mind.

Can I return the phone if I am not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 14-day no-quibble returns policy. Simply return the phone in the condition that you bought it, and we'll process your refund straight away.

Are these phones unlocked?

Every phone we sell is SIM-free and unlocked, allowing you the freedom to choose your carrier.