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Sell My iPhone - Trade In Now for 💸 Instant Cash🔥Top Price

Sell My iPhone - Trade In Now for 💸 Instant Cash🔥Top Price

Get the best price when you sell your iPhone today. Trade in now for cash, sent directly to your bank account!

Trading in your old iPhone means reducing e-waste (electronic waste), meaning your trade-in isn't just great for you, it's great for the planet!

So, how much is your iPhone worth? Keep reading to find out, FAST.


"How do I sell my iPhone?" 3 simple steps

We guarantee a fast and transparent iPhone trade-in service. Selling your iPhone online is easy as 1, 2, 3...


1. Find your iPhone model (get an instant quote!)

The easiest way to find a quote for your iPhone is to simply click the model you want to sell. Once you've provided your phone's condition and storage capacity information, you'll see an instant quote appear immediately before your eyes! Alternatively, you can type in the name of the iPhone model in the search bar above.

When choosing your condition, be aware that 'good condition' means a phone in the same condition as a new device.


2. Send your iPhone to us (with free postage!)

Once you accept our quote, we’ll send you a full Welcome Pack within 24 hours. This will include a secure, pre-paid postage bag, along with all the information you need to simply send your device to us.

In a hurry? You can drop off your old device at your local post office today! Simply select ‘Post Office’ at check-out, and we’ll give you a QR code to take with you, as well as posting instructions to securely pack your old handset.


3. Fast Payment! Same-day cash, straight to your bank account

If your old phone reaches us in the same condition you described, we'll process your payment the very same day! We offer a range of payment, options including bank transfer and PayPal.


Can we accept broken or faulty iPhones?

Yes! We repair and refurbish devices before re-selling them. That means you can sell your broken iPhone with us today! If we can repair it to be resold, or use it for parts, then we'll pay cash. We accept faulty phones, as well as phones with physical damage, so long as they are not reasonably beyond repair.


What models of iPhone do we accept for Apple iPhone trade-in?

We accept a huge range of iPhone models for trade-in, including:

Looking for android phones? Use this link to sell your android device.


What other devices can you sell?

We accept a range of Apple devices, including the Apple Watch and Apple iPad. Find them using the search function above, or click through to Sell my Apple Watch or Sell my iPad.


Why Trade in or Sell iPhone to the Big Phone Store? 

  • The Big Phone Store has over 20 years' experience with buying and selling iPhones.

  • We check market prices throughout the day to ensure we're always offering you the best price that we can for your old iPhone.

  • Our TrustPilot reviews clearly show that when it comes to trading in your old Apple device, we're a trusted destination.

  • We perform a professional data wipe on every phone as part of our recycling procedures, completely free!


Sell your iPhone in store 

For extra peace of mind when trading in, why not visit us in store and deliver your old iPhone yourself? You can Find us at:

Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Ln, Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF

Visiting us also means that you can trade in your old iPhone for money off a new phone, which you can walk away with the very same day!


Which Apple iPhones can’t we buy?

We can't purchase phones that are stolen, modified, and involved in any other illegal activity. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any device if it meets any criteria stated below, so check your old Apple iPhone against these standards:

  • Reported stolen or lost

  • Barred by network

  • Modified or have had any previous repair attempts

  • Bent, crushed, or in pieces.

  • Have missing internal parts.

  • Logged in to iCloud/ Samsung / Google or any other account which can lock the usage of the device.

  • Involved in any other illegal activities


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how much my iPhone is worth?

Simply type in the model name at the top of this page, and click the iPhone you want to sell. The value of your iPhone will depend on its model, condition and storage size. Enter these details to see a quote appear right before your eyes!

What should I do when selling my iPhone?

Before you trade in, you should remove your SIM card, and factory reset your phone to remove all the data. You'll then need to make sure your device is securely packed. You can remove the screen protector if you would like to, but this is not necessary.

How do I factory reset my Apple iPhone to sell?

Factory resetting your iPhone may involve slightly different steps depending on the iOS version you have, as the settings menu has changed over time. Click here for a complete guide on how to reset your iPhone