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Is it worth buying a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a great investment, and they are fast becoming the technology accessory to every smart phone. Basic ranges of smartwatch features include steps and sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and general activity monitoring, whilst top tier smart watches now have ECG heart monitors, app access, GPS connection, calls, texts, music, SOS alerts and much more. For anyone looking to track their lifestyle and start making healthy changes, or just to get some motivation and practicality in your life, a refurbished smart watch is perfect. You can get notifications on your wrist and keep up with the world without even needing to pick up your phone, and for those that have a busy life this is exactly what you need.

Are Samsung Smartwatches any good?

Samsung smartwatches are fantastic – and there is a massive range to choose from. If you want a sports watch that does it all, looks good and isn't extortionately priced, then Samsung's range of smartwatches are ideal. They have countless great features, but the main beauty of some of the Samsung watches is that they don't look like an obvious smart watch. So, if you aren't keen on square faces on sports watches and want something more versatile then these are going to be for you. They also have different silver, black, gold and rose gold finishes that will suit everyone.

Furthermore, some of the Samsung watches have 4G connection, so you can open apps such Spotify or Whatsapp, reply to calls and messages, and internet browse, without having to interrupt your workout and go on your phone. For fitness, they have everything you need with steps tracking, heartrate monitors, and some are even water resistant. Some models also benefit from Samsung Pay so you can make wireless payments from your watch – no wallet or phone required. They have great battery lives, and varying screen sizes so that you can find one that fits perfectly on your wrist.

Which is the best Samsung Smartwatch to buy?

The great thing about Samsung’s range of smartwatches is that there is something for everyone, and it completely depend on your personal needs as to which one you go for. If you want something for basic lifestyle tracking, then go for a Gear 2 or Gear Sport. If you want the full package, the Galaxy Watch R815F comes with Bluetooth and 4G, 50m waterproof, all the fitness tracking you could need, and endless app access, calls and texts, so you can go completely hands free and still feel connected to the world.

How much is a refurbished Samsung smart watch?

The best part about buying a refurbished and renewed Samsung smartwatch is that you are going to see hundreds of pounds of savings. Whilst prices are subject to change, we have pristine quality used Samsung smartwatches starting at just £79.99 on our site, and with prices this cheap it is hard to say no!

Why buy a reconditioned Smartwatch over a brand new one?

Whilst Samsung have great technology, unfortunately it comes with a high price tag, and similar to their mobile phones, their smartwatches are priced very highly. For most people this is unattainable, especially when there are constantly new releases. If you switch to buying smartwatches you will never face this problem again, as refurbished Samsung watches are a lot cheaper than if you bought them brand new. Simply filter the watch based on the condition and the price that you are happy paying, and you have more flexibility and only pay the price you are happy with. Furthermore, if you opt for a ‘pristine’ or ‘very good’ watch, you will feel like you are getting a brand new one anyway! It is also a great way to make a more environmentally friendly purchase – as you are buying a watch that may have ended up in landfill too early!

Why you should get a second hand and expertly reconditioned Samsung Smartwatch from The Big Phone Store...

Here at The Big Phone Store, we are a leading seller of used and professionally refurbished technology, and this includes a whole host of excellent refurbished Samsung smartwatches that are exactly what you need to enhance your fitness and lifestyle and give you a massive motivation boost. We also offer fast and free delivery as well as 12 months warranty on all refurbished items – so if you have been looking for the sign to get a fitness watch and improve your lifestyle then this is definitely it! Get your cheap Samsung smartwatch now – you won’t regret it!

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