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What are the features of the IPhone XR? 

  • The iPhone XR’s design is definitely the most show stopping of all the iPhones. With the glossy glass backs combined with smooth aluminium and curved and rounded corners, and the camera embedded into the body, the iPhone XR looks and feels seamless. It also boasts a range of colours including yellow, black, blue, coral, red and white, which are perfect if you want to make a statement.

  • It cannot be argued that the display of the XR isn’t stunning - with vibrant colours and a large display, you really do have endless feeling viewing. With 6.1” screen  with LCD technology, you achieve perfect viewing every time, with the bright colours and truetone technology almost bringing the screen to life. 

  • Wide stereo playback at the bottom of this apple iphone also offers wider sound than ever before, and your music and videos will go even further with the new volume boost feature. Paired with the great display, you will be absorbed into the films, videos and music that you love.

  • The battery life on the XR is excellent. This phone will last you all day, and with fast charging and wireless charging available, you can get back to enjoying your phone and spend less time waiting for it to catch up with you. 

  • The camera quality lives up to iPhone standard, with a 12MP rear camera and 7MP front camera, you have the freedom to take showstopping photos in high resolution and quality. With portrait mode and LED true tone flash, you can capture in depth photos and videos  of yourself and your loved ones without having to worry about poor quality. 

  • Water and dust resistance of 1P67 - if you have a demanding lifestyle then this is the phone for you, especially if you are accident prone. Gone are the days of sticking your phone in rice - Apple now have you covered. 

  • A12 Bionic processor which gives the iphone a reactive and quick performance, so if you like gaming then this phone is for you. 

  • Endless benefits such as Apple Pay, Apple card, FaceTime, Siri, multiple photo editing tools to maximise your photos. Plus, you can enjoy Apples vast range of amazing accessories such as their airpods and chargers. 

  • Face ID and fingerprint recognition also protect your privacy so you can have peace of mind for your phone's security. 

Is the iPhone XR worth it? 

The iPhone XR is definitely worth it - it has great performance, a large screen display, and a fantastic camera and battery, this iPhone is versatile and perfect for anyone. Plus, the iPhone XR is known to be the best value iPhone, as it has a lower price compared to its counterparts, but seemingly still has the same incredible benefits and features, so you are getting the most bang for your buck. This is spot on if you like to do it all - gaming, shopping, working, streaming, capturing photos and enjoying content is all in one easy place with the iPhone XR. 

What is a refurbished iPhone and is it safe?

A refurbished phone can come from many different places, but it is usually a phone that has been returned or used by a previous customer or manufacturer, and then is assessed, graded and repaired to the highest standard it can be. In many cases, these phones are sold on in a nearly new or pristine condition, and the only significant difference that the customer will experience is the difference in cost. Most people also tend to change their phone every two years due to new releases, and this is especially true for apple fans. If you buy refurbished and renovated, you are avoiding the painful regular costs to keep up with new technology and still enjoying new releases. 

So, a second hand  iPhone refurbished is safe. Seeing as they are actually assessed in detail and then graded, many used phones actually come better and more improved condition to when they came off the production line, as they have been checked in more detail, and they are the perfect and more sustainable route to take when shopping for your iPhone XR. 

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