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New & Refurbished iPhone 15

📱 Buy Apple iPhone 15 New & Refurbished - Best Price

Buy Apple iPhone 15 at Best Price

Step into the future with the Apple iPhone 15: a phone released in September 2023, designed to elevate every aspect of your digital life. But that's not all - if you're looking for a cheap iPhone 15, you should consider buying refurbished. With over 20 years' experience in the refurbished phone industry, The Big Phone Store is the best place to buy refurbished Apple iPhones like the iPhone 15.

When you buy a refurbished iPhone, you're not just obtaining a state-of-the-art device - you're making an investment in quality, trust, and unparalleled value. Our two-decade legacy in refurbishing ensures that the top-tier iPhone 15 you receive matches the peak performance of a brand-new device.

Let's get into talking about the truly groundbreaking features of this incredible flagship phone!


Device Specification: Apple iPhone 15

  • A16 Bionic Chip - The A16 processor in the Apple iPhone 15 is boosted with greatly improved on-device neural processing. This makes the iPhone 15 capable of so much more than its predecessor - from image processing that rivals that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, to on-device voice encoding. This feature uses transformer architecture within the hardware of the phone for any voice recognition purposes, which makes voice recognition much faster, keeps your personal data more secure, and is up to 25% more accurate. 

  • 48MP Quad-Pixel Camera - The computational image processing made possible by the A16 Bionic processor in the iPhone 15 combines the power and noise reduction of a quad-pixel camera with the detail and accuracy of a single-pixel sensor. A 48MP Quad-pixel camera would usually produce a 12MP output image, but the iPhone 15 is capable of to producing a huge 24MP output image - twice the resolution. 

  • Dynamic Island - The iPhone 15 is designed for iOS 17, with features such as the dynamic island that places unique widgets and controls into the notification area, depending on how you're currently using your phone. 

  • Introducing USB-C - Say goodbye to the Lightning connector: The iPhone 15 series are the first Apple phones to use the universal USB-C standard. This allows you to use the same cables and connectors with your iPhone as you would with your Mac, Macbook, AirPods, and iPad.


Why should I buy a refurbished Apple iPhone 15?

Whether you care about saving money, or saving the planet, buying your next phone refurbished is a great alternative to buying new! With the worldwide popularity of smartphones, E-waste is a rising issue, with over 5 Billion devices simply thrown away in 2022. The Big Phone Store is dedicated to fighting the tide of electronic waste, and that means selling as many Apple refurbished devices as possible! 

Buying refurbished is the best way to get the very best phone possible, at a fraction of the original price! Every phone we sell has been restored to a fully-functional condition, and covered by our 12-month warranty. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send it back within 14 days and you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked!


How much does a refurbished iPhone 15 cost?

The cost of your refurbished iPhone 15 will vary greatly depending on the condition that it comes in. Phones that are in perfect condition will sell for a lot more money than phones that have noticeable wear and tear - but on the other hand, phones that have those cosmetic imperfections are a great way to get a crazy-cheap deal on a high-spec device!

At The Big Phone Store, we describe our refurbished devices using these 5 conditions:

  • Like New: When we say a phone is in a “Like New” condition, we mean it! These devices have usually never been used - the only noticeable difference between a “Like New” phone and a brand-new one is that it doesn’t come sealed in its original packaging! We even include a charging cable with every one of these devices at no extra cost.

  • Pristine: The best condition a used phone can get! If there are any marks or imperfections on these devices, you won’t see them unless you hold the device right up close to your face. 

  • Very Good: If a device has some small visible marks, we’ll describe it as “Very Good”. If you don’t mind a phone with some light signs of use, then this is the choice for you!

  • Good: Scratches, dents, maybe small cracks in the casing - “Good” condition phones are not the prettiest of the bunch, but they pass every functionality test we can throw at them. If you’re just looking for a phone that you can trust to work perfectly, and don’t care how it looks, then a Good phone could be your best friend. 

These are purely cosmetic conditions, and do not reflect the working condition of the phone. All of these phones are PhoneCheck-certified as Fully Working, which means they’ve passed our standard of over 80 tests to ensure they are in the same working condition as a brand new device. And we stand by that promise - every one of these devices comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that your refurbished Apple phone is in perfect working order.

  • Fair: Are you interested in getting a great phone at the absolute cheapest price possible? Do you want to make the most environmentally conscious choice? At The Big Phone Store, we’re committed to saving as many devices from landfill as possible. That means that we’re not going to give up on a phone just because it has a slightly reduced battery capacity, or perhaps some minor screen burn. The upshot is that our “Fair” condition phones are the cheapest way to buy a working device. We’ll even cover these devices with a 3-month warranty, although if you take good care of them, they should last a good deal longer! These phones sell out the fastest, so keep an eye out for them!


Why is The Big Phone Store the best place to buy a used Apple iPhone 15?

Let’s put it this way - there are two main ways to buy a pre-owned device. You could buy a used phone from a private seller, which might save you a little money - but that’s where the benefits end. Buying second hand phones directly leaves you, the buyer, with very little reassurance if your sale goes wrong. Purchasing a refurbished Apple device is the only way to make sure you have a fully-working second-hand phone, with a 12-month warranty and 14-day money back guarantee included! On top of that - we make sure every device is professionally sanitised before we ship it out. Did you know that the average phone is home to more germs than a toilet seat? Think about that next time you’re eyeing up a used phone on facebook marketplace! 

Now that we have your attention, here’s why The Big Phone Store is the number one place to buy your next refurbished iPhone!


Refurbished Apple Devices, Unbeatable Prices

That’s right, we compare prices across every major refurbisher in the UK to make sure we’re always offering you the best deal possible for your new Apple phone! Our dedicated team checks prices throughout the day, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best deal - and with free shipping on all orders over £30, there’s no hidden costs to worry about! 


Experience Where it Matters

No call centres, no third parties, no hidden fees. Just a dedicated customer service team at our UK-based refurbishment hub, where we’ve been refurbishing and recycling consumer electronics since the 1990s!

No wonder our website boasts a 5-Star badge from TrustPilot - you can’t do any better than that!


Do you have a refurbished phone shop I can visit?

Looking for a local place to browse refurbished phones in the UK? Why not visit us right here at The Big Phone Store! Here’s our address:

Unit 9, Waddens Brook Ln, Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF

To make sure you get the best service, make sure to bring your ID and some proof of address. We're open Monday to Saturday, 9am till 5.30pm. We might even have some store-exclusive deals available, so drop us a visit today!


Can you trust our refurbished Apple phones?

Yes! All of our refurbished phone devices are tested using state of the art software that checks over 80 unique features of each device - including battery health, touchscreen responsiveness, and connectivity. Regardless of how the phone may look, it is 100% guaranteed to work, which we’ll back up with up to 12 months’ warranty.

If you're still not convinced, we offer a 14 day no quibble return policy, meaning that you can return the phone within 14 days for a full refund without reason.

Our complete phone restoration process goes further than simply performing a factory reset - we complete a full, professional-level data destruction wipe on every device we refurbish, making sure that there’s no trace of the phone’s previous owner anywhere in the device.


Can I sell my old device to you?

Yes! At The Big Phone Store, we don’t just sell refurbished devices - we’re also one of the best places in the country to sell your old device. Want to find out more? Click the link to check our trade-in site!


Is the iPhone 15 Eco-Friendly?

The iPhone 15 is Apple's most eco-friendly phone to date. It features more recycled materials than any previous iPhone, an efficient 3nm chip, and a more repairable design than the iPhone 14.