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Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

ᐅ Buy Refurbished & Renewed Apple Series 3 Watches

Buy Brand New and Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 for the Best Price 

Apple Watch Series 3 Features: 

  • This will act as a second, smaller phone, with cellular connectivity so you can make calls and texts  and keep connected without having to take out your phone. It can also pair seamlessly with your bluetooth headphones so you can achieve the true wireless experience. 

  • Endless fitness enhancing features such as a heart rate app which measures resting, workout and recovery, steps tracking, flights climbed tracking, sleep tracking and an enhanced workout app which registers many different workout types. 

  • Siri watch face that displays information and notifications, so you can organise your day from your wrist and set reminders. 

  • In -built speaker which enables Siri to speak, and calls to be taken. 

  • A music app which enables you to sync playlists and stream music without your phone, so you can play your favourite songs wherever you are to enhance your workout. 

  • Dual Core processor which enables fast performance, so you can view your fitness data quickly and get back to hitting your goals. Apps launch quickly and the watch works efficiently to give you a seamless performance without lags. 

  • A stunning design which comes in silver, space grey, gold and space black. Stainless steel meshed with sleek glass creates a lightweight and premium look that you won’t want to take off your wrist. 

  • Straps are interchangeable so you can switch and change straps and make your Apple Watch suit any occasion. 

  • Impressive battery life with a built in 700mAh battery that will last all day. 

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 still good in 2020?

An Apple watch is the ultimate device if you want to make your lifestyle more healthy, stay motivated and set your goals, and the Apple Watch Series 3 is still a great choice in 2020. For fitness, whether you are a beginner or advanced, the exercise tracking features make it easy to see where your progres is at, and set goals to improve. If you have a job where you are sitting down all day 

If you want practicality and organisation in your life - the Apple Watch Series 3 is just what you need. With Siri access and notifications, and calls on the go, you can organise your life, and this is ideal for if you are working out of the office. 

Do you have a busy lifestyle and a demanding job where you may not be able to grab your phone, such as construction and more hand on roles? The Apple watch's ability to act as a second phone means you can answer calls, reply to messages and access apps without even needing your phone in your pocket. 

If you’re looking for a present for a family member that is getting into fitness or simply wants the benefits of a smart watch then a Series 3 Apple watch refurbished is spot on and exactly what they need. 

Is buying a refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 a good idea? 

Buying a refurbished Apple Watch Series 3  is a brilliant idea. So, everyone knows Apple has high price tags, and their smartwatches aren’t exempt. If you want to enjoy the technology but the high prices put you off,then opting for an refurb Apple watch will save you a lot of money. Furthermore, seeing as reconditioned watches come in a range of conditions, you can filter them based on the price you want - so you have more flexibility and pay the price that you are most comfortable paying. This is especially great if you consider how much Apple constantly releases new products - as there is no point in buying a brand new watch if you think you may upgrade it a year later anyway. 

It is also a lot more friendly for the environment if you opt for a pre- loved and refurbished Apple Watch over a brand new one, as it is reducing the amount that will end up in landfill or being thrown away too early when they are in perfectly good use. Finally, if you are worried about the product being faulty - if you buy from a reputable company, it will come with warranty, so you will feel like you are getting a brand new item anyway. 

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