Comparing The Big Phone Store vs Music Magpie

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* on orders over £150. **Wide Selection of Brands and Models includes Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Sony Xperia, Nokia, Honor, and CAT. (All information is up-to-date as of 03/07/2024).

Comparing The Big Phone Store vs Music Magpie

If you’re looking for a great place to buy a refurbished phone in the UK, musicMagpie is one of the first companies that comes to mind. But what are the best alternatives to musicMagpie? Specifically, let’s compare how the company stacks up against The Big Phone Store. When buying refurbished tech, we believe that trust and experience are the most important things to look for. That’s why we think The Big Phone Store is the best retailer for refurbished phones in the UK!

Music Magpie Phones
Most Years of Mobile-Refurb Expertise

Most Years of Mobile-Refurb Expertise: The Big Phone Store

Who has more refurb expertise, The Big Phone Store or Music Magpie?

Music Magpie has only sold refurbished phones since 2012, which might be hard to believe given how well known they are in the UK refurbished market. The company began as an online retailer dealing in second-hand goods, and only recently began selling refurbished smartphones. In contrast, as Music Magpie moved from ecommerce over into the refurbished phones market, The Big Phone Store has moved in the other direction, from refurb to ecommerce! The Big Phone Store was first founded in 1999 as a professional electronics recycler, and we only began retailing our refurbished phones directly to the consumer in 2018. Refurbishing devices is our area of expertise, and it’s always been at the heart of our business model. In 2023, we were identified as the UK’s fastest-growing refurbished phone brand (according to 3rd-party web traffic estimates).

Fully UK-owned company: The Big Phone Store

Even though Music Magpie was founded in the UK, and has its headquarters here, it’s no longer 100% UK-owned. After launching the ‘decluttr’ brand in the USA, the company began selling shares as “MusicMagpie PLC” in April 2021. The Big Phone Store remains privately owned right here in the UK. That means we have no shareholders to pay - which means our first responsibility is always to the customer. The Big Phone Store is proud to remain a 100% UK-owned business. As far as we’re aware, no other refurbisher is as well trusted, deeply experienced, and privately owned right here in the UK.

Fully UK-owned company
In-House Customer Service Helpline

In-House Customer Service Helpline: The Big Phone Store

We pride ourselves in bringing as much value as possible to our customers. That’s why we provide a dedicated customer service helpline, based directly out of our huge refurb & recycling facility in Wolverhampton! That means friendly, expert advice, as well as direct, hands-on assistance with your order or trade-in at every step of the way.

Partners with Online Marketplaces: Music Magpie

In recent years, a few specialist online marketplaces for refurbished phones have appeared online. Unlike MusicMagpie, you won't find The Big Phone Store on those sites, and we don’t pay exorbitant fees to price comparison websites. We also don’t pay over-the-top amounts of money for TV or video advertising, or exclusive brand deals. All of those cost-saving measures are important to us, because our first priority will always be offering the best quality refurbished phones for the best possible price.

Partners with Online Marketplaces - Music Magpie
Sells Brand-New Phones

Also Sells Brand-New Phones: The Big Phone Store

The Big Phone Store sells phones in an impressive SIX different conditions, all the way from “Fair” to “Brand New” phones. That’s right, Brand New. As well as being a highly trusted seller of refurbished phones, you can often find huge discounts on brand-new and sealed-in-box devices on our website! As far as we could tell, that’s a service that MusicMagpie currently does not offer.

Offers “Phone Rental” Service: Music Magpie

Both The Big Phone Store and Music Magpie offer a range of ways to pay for your refurbished phone. While most customers choose to buy a refurbished phone outright, we also offer the option of spreading the cost through our partner, Klarna. What we will never offer, though, are mobile phones that come tied with a long-term contract. Compared to the rental service offered by Music Magpie, we believe you’ll get a better deal by owning your phone outright - because then you’ll be able to trade it in for cash when it’s time to upgrade!

Offers Phone Rental Service: Music Magpie
Sell your phone with The Big Phone Store

Sell your phone with The Big Phone Store and receive

1.Instant Quote:

Simply check out our Sell My Phone page and search for your device, let us know what condition it’s in, and get an instant quote right before your eyes!

2.Free Shipping:

The Big Phone Store offers completely FREE shipping for your old phone when you send it to us! Find out more when you check out.

3.Fast Payment:

If your phone arrives with us in the correct condition, you could receive a payment for it on the very same day!

The Big Phone Store’s Unique Services (Updated 2024):

Upgrade to 100% battery health with our battery replacement service!

The Big Phone Store is proud to offer an awesome service when you’re buying a refurbished phone. On selected models, we will replace the battery in your refurbished phone with a brand-new one, boosting you to 100% battery health! Choose this add-on at checkout to make sure your refurbished phone reaches you with a fully healthy battery.

Speaking of renewal, you can also choose for us to ship your refurbished phone in original branded packaging (subject to availability). Simply select the ‘Original Box’ add-on when you check out!

The Big Phone Store’s Unique Services
Battery Replacement Service

Hand-fitted screen protectors!

Say goodbye to bubbles under your screen protector. If you choose to add-on a screen protector, rear-glass protector or camera-lens protector to your refurbished phone purchase, our expert mobile phone technicians will hand-fit it to your device, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does The Big Phone Store's experience compare to Music Magpie's in the refurbished phone market?
A: The Big Phone Store has been in the electronics recycling and refurbishment business since 1999, giving them over two decades of expertise. Music Magpie, on the other hand, started selling refurbished phones in 2012. This extensive experience allows The Big Phone Store to offer high-quality refurbished products with a proven track record.
Q: What unique services does The Big Phone Store offer that Music Magpie does not?
A: The Big Phone Store offers several exclusive services such as free next-day delivery on orders over £150, hand-fitted screen protectors for a perfect finish, battery replacements to ensure 100% battery health on selected models, and the option to receive refurbished phones in original branded packaging, subject to availability. These services are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide added value.