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iPhone Cases

A great range of iPhone cases and covers to protect your new handset

You've just brought a new or refurbished iPhone. We know it's a premium product you've spent a lot of money on. We also know it's far from cheap to replace.

iPhones are easily damaged. It only takes a small mistake to crack the screen or scratch the back of the device. But there's a cost effective, straightforward way to protect your handset today. So take a look at our incredible range of iPhone cases, covers and accessories at The Big Phone Store.

Why protect your iPhone?

iPhone is an international best-selling brand, with a wide selection of popular devices to choose from. But whether you have the new iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the more affordable iPhone SE 2020, it's still a big investment. An investment worth protecting.

Here at The Big Phone Store, you'll find cases and accessories designed to protect three aspects of your Apple device:

  1. The handset. It's easy to drop your phone. Although iPhones are now made of more durable materials, they cannot easily survive being dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or tiling. They are also easily scratched: sometimes just from being in your pocket!

  2. The screen. The most important part of your iPhone is the screen. All it takes is one slip and that screen is cracked or chipped forever.

  3. The value. A case is basically cost-effective insurance for your iPhone, protecting its resale value. At The Big Phone Store, you'll find you can get a lot more for your used handset if it's in better condition.

What's better - silicone cases or leather cases?

This all depends on your style and budget. For example, if you want your iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 Pro to feel light in your hands, then you should shop for a silicone case. All our silicone products are designed to keep your Apple device well protected. Silicone cases do have a lower level of shock absorbent material, but they'll still protect your handset from all those unexpected scrapes and scratches.

If a silicone case is what you're after, then take a look at our BeHello Liquid Silicone Cases (iPhone 11 Pro) or Skech ICE Slim Fit Super Clear Anti-Scratch Cases (iPhone devices including iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 2020). These cases come in range of colours so you can really customise your phone's look and style. With all our silicone cases, we also recommend you shop for a screen protector and have have a dedicated screen protector page for iPhones, with prices starting at just £3.99.

Leather cases are a little more expensive than our silicone products. But with this, you certainly get a more premium look! Our leather flip or folio cases are designed to protect the front of your phone as well as the back, and they look fantastic while doing it. A lot of our leather products come with useful sections to store your credit cards, making them good option if you want to protect both your money and your Apple device.

There are two popular leather products we think you'll especially love. Enter the Knomo Premium Leather Folio Case (available for iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro and many more) and the X-Doria Defense Lux. It's really hard to choose between them. They both protect every aspect of your phone, looking stylish at the same time.

Should I buy a soft or hard iPhone case?

If you want a more protection for, say, your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 Pro, then a harder case is definitely the way forward. Enter the bestselling Tech21 Evo Elite Protective Case, designed to provide high levels of protection for your entire device. If you want ultimate protection, it's definitely worth spending a little more money to guard against damaging your handset.

Slimmer cases and accessories do mean you lose a bit in terms of ultimate protection. But they're also far less bulky and far more practical for those on the move. Our silicone cases are a great option here. You may also like to shop for our more funky cases, like the FLAVR iPlate range. A product that will show off your phone, while offering protection against all the usual scrapes and scratches.

What if I'm looking for designer iPhone accessories?

We have all the big brand, designer cases you could want at The Big Phone Store. Whether you're looking for Ted Baker iPhone cases, iPhone 12 cases, iPhone 11 Pro cases or accessories for the new iPhone SE 2020, we have the product for you. We also offer great deals on Skech, Tech21, X-Doria and Otterbox cases, as well as a selection of Sti:l and Skinnydip cases for those after a more eye-catching product. Premium cases are our specialty and you can find all your favourites on show in our online store today.

Are expensive iPhone cases worth it?

Cheap iPhone cases are decent enough, but a good quality case is definitely worth the extra money. Take the iPhone 11 Pro or the new iPhone 12, handsets that can cost close to £1,000. Why risk your investment? Plus these devices have a far higher resale value if they're better condition, so quality phone cases can save hundreds of pounds in the long term.

Why buy your phone cases and accessories from us?

The Big Phone Store has been selling mobile phones and accessories since 1999 and are experts at what we do! For over 20 years, we have provided an efficient, affordable service, based on our ability to source the best quality and best value products on the market.

Our Price Promise Match also means you are sure to save money. So search for iPhone cases with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best price and best quality when it comes to protecting your latest Apple device.

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