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Second Hand iPhones

Want to save up to 40% on your next second-hand or used iPhone? You're in the right place, have a look at our collection of refurbished and second-hand iPhones to find the right one for you!

Buy Used & Second Hand iPhone for Sale in UK

Shop from a huge selection of used and second-hand iPhones right here at The Big Phone Store. Whether you’re looking for the latest phone from Apple without the eye-watering price tag or just trying to get your hands on any pre-owned iPhone you can at the lowest price possible; you need to look no further. Finding a reliable, pre-loved iPhone doesn't have to break the bank. At The Big Phone Store, we have a carefully curated selection of used iPhones for sale, all carefully vetted, restored, and tested to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards. That means you can find an amazing second-hand Apple phone that you can 100% trust, and save money at the same time!

Where to Buy Second-Hand iPhone in the UK

The best way to buy cheap second-hand iPhone is from a certified refurbisher. You might think that you'd be saving money by buying used Apple phones directly from a seller, for example on eBay or Facebook Marketplace - but after the website has taken their cut, the amount you save by buying direct is very small. And that's not all: if that second-hand iPhone doesn't work properly, you could be costing yourself hundreds more than if you'd bought a fully certified device. Because of the 12-month warranty we provide on every one of our refurbished iPhone, as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can be absolutely certain that you're getting a second-hand device that you can depend on - as these apple refurbished devices come with the same protections that would be available to you if you were purchasing a brand new iphone.

A Gigantic Range of Cheap Second hand and Used iPhones on Sale

The Big Phone Store boasts one of the largest selections of new, pre-owned and used iPhone, so whether you're looking for a pre owned iPhone, or a new iPhone that doesn't cost the earth (literally), shop all of our refurbished phones here. Find the pre-owned iPhone that you want, at an awesome price - whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line iPhone 14, or a lower-grade iPhone 11 for maximum affordability.

The Best Place to Buy Used iPhone in the UK

At The Big Phone Store, we care about quality. Quality phones, refurbished to a high standard, and sold by an excellent customer service team - all of which has earned us thousands of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot. When you remember that on top of this, we have one of the largest collections of used and second-hand iPhones for sale in the UK, The Big Phone Store becomes the obvious choice for where to shop for your next incredible deal.

PhoneCheck Certified: Ensuring Quality Assurance for Second Hand iPhones

At The Big Phone Store, we take pride in offering high-quality used or refurbished phones. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our PhoneCheck Certified program. When you purchase a phone from us, you can trust that it has undergone rigorous testing and inspection.

PhoneCheck Certified Device: Fully Functional, Authentic, Network Approved, Unlocked, and Securely Wiped.
What Does PhoneCheck Certification Mean?
  1. Thorough Testing: Each device is thoroughly tested for functionality, including hardware components, software performance, and connectivity features.
  2. Cosmetic Inspection: We examine the phone’s exterior for any signs of wear, scratches, or damage. Rest assured, only devices in excellent condition make the cut.
  3. Battery Health: We assess the battery health to ensure optimal performance throughout your usage.
  4. Data Erasure: All personal data is securely wiped from the device, protecting your privacy.
  5. Authenticity Verification: We verify the authenticity of each phone, ensuring it’s not stolen or counterfeit.

Why Choose PhoneCheck Certified Phones for Used iPhone?
  • Peace of Mind: With our certification, you can confidently buy a used iPhone, knowing it meets our stringent standards.
  • Warranty: We offer a warranty on all PhoneCheck Certified devices, providing additional protection.
When you choose a PhoneCheck Certified iPhone from The Big Phone Store, you get a reliable device backed by our commitment to quality.

Frequently Asked Questions on Used & Second Hand iPhone

Q: Which iPhone is the Best Value for Money Second-Hand?
A: In our opinion, the best-value second-hand iPhone is the iPhone 11. Released in 2019, you can get this phone even cheaper if you opt for a refurbished model that has some cosmetic wear and tear. Not only that, the iPhone 11 is covered under Apple’s security update guarantee until late 2024.
Q: Is it OK to buy used iPhones?
A: Yes, it's OK to buy second-hand iPhones, provided you purchase from a reputable source which will verify the phone's condition and functionality, and ensure it's not iCloud locked. The best way to buy second-hand iPhones is buying them professionally refurbished from a company like The Big Phone Store.
Q: Is buying second-hand iPhones good?
A: Buying a second-hand iPhone can be a good decision if you're looking for a more affordable option and are careful about checking its condition and authenticity. Always buy from a trusted seller such as The Big Phone Store, as we will guarantee that the phone is in fully working condition and isn’t reported stolen.
Q: How much is a cheap used iPhone?
A: The price of a second-hand iPhone varies depending on its model, age, condition, storage capacity, and where you purchase it. Here at The Big Phone Store, we compare prices with our main competitors so that you don’t have to - simply look for the model you want by searching on our website, and you’ll see a range of models available at various prices.