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Refurbished Phones

A refurbished phone is a second-hand phone that has had a previous owner but has been returned, traded in, or sold to a retailer before being restored, tested, and certified as fully working.

Cheap Smartphones Sim Free – Refurbished, Used & Second Hand for Sale

When it comes to buying cheap smartphones that you can rely on, you can count on The Big Phone Store. We offer unbeatable deals on high-quality smartphones at the lowest prices on the market. Are you on a budget? No worries—our curated collection of low-cost smartphones won’t break the bank while still meeting your needs for performance, camera quality, and design. Save even more by choosing one of our very own lovingly refurbished devices, and make sure to make The Big Phone Store the place you recycle your old one, which we’ll do absolutely free of charge! If there’s still some life left in your old device, we’ll even pay you cash, which you can put toward the price of your new phone!
Why Choose Cheap Smartphones from The Big Phone Store?

Top Quality, Great Value

As the go-to experts in consumer electronics, we ensure that every phone undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment, meeting industry standards. Save money without sacrificing on quality.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Why buy new when you can contribute to a greener planet by opting for a refurbished smartphone? It’s a win-win; you get a great deal, and you’re reducing electronic waste. As the go-to experts in consumer electronics, we ensure that every refurbished smartphone undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment, meeting industry standards. Save money without sacrificing on quality.

Comprehensive Warranty

Rest easy knowing that all of our smartphones come with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. Trust is at the cornerstone of our business, and we stand by the quality of our products.
Featured Cheap Smartphones

Cheap Android Smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy A30s: A budget-friendly smartphone with premium features. Ideal for Android enthusiasts looking for an incredibly cheap smartphone.
  • Google Pixel 4 XL: It’s not the latest or the greatest, but it’s a surefire choice if you want incredible value from previous years’ best smart tech
  • Motorola Moto G50: If you’re looking for a low price handset with excellent battery life, look no further than this best-in-class phone that could last you up to 2 days on a single charge!

Cheapest iPhones

  • Apple iPhone SE 2020: A pocket-friendly yet powerful budget smartphone. The iPhone SE packs the power of the iPhone into a compact frame, at a slightly lower price.
  • Apple iPhone 11: If you don’t mind opting for a slightly older flagship phone, a refurbished Apple iPhone 11 – powered by the A15 bionic chip – could be your ticket to the premium Apple experience, without the new-this-year price tag!

Save More by Buying Your Budget Smartphone Refurbished!

Here at The Big Phone Store, we’re professional smartphone refurbishers first, retailers second. While we do stock a huge selection of brand-new phones, we take even more pride in our very own refurbished technology, which can get you up to the very same quality as a brand-new device, at a fraction of the price. You’re in safe hands when you buy refurbished from The Big Phone Store – with a 12-month warranty as standard on our phones, and each one certified to be fully working by a rigorous testing process!

Trade-In and Save Even More!

Got an old smartphone lying around? Make use of our trade-in service and get a generous discount on your new, affordable phone.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cheap Smartphones Sim Fre in UK

Q: What is the best, cheapest smartphone? Which cheap phone is best to buy?
A: Depending on whether you’re looking for an iPhone or Android, the best cheap phone overall is either the iPhone SE (2022) or the Samsung Galaxy A53.
Q: What is the best basic mobile phone?
A: The best basic mobile phone might still be the Nokia 3310 (the updated version), although other feature phones by Nokia are also very popular.
Q: What does "Sim Free" mean for smartphones?
A: “Sim Free” means the smartphone is not tied or locked to any specific mobile carrier. You can use it with any network provider by simply inserting the desired SIM card.
Q: Can I use these cheap smartphones abroad?
A: Absolutely! Since our smartphones are sim free, they can be used with local SIM cards when traveling abroad.
Q: Do the smartphones come with a warranty?
A: Yes, all our sim free smartphones come with a standard 12 months warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.
Q: Are these cheap smartphones compatible with all network providers?
A: Since our smartphones are sim free, they are compatible with all major network providers. However, always check the specific phone’s band and frequency compatibility.