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Is Honor the same as Huawei?

Honor started as a sub brand of Huawei so the two have never been competitors but rather friends who complement each other.  Honor was designed and created so that Huawei could compete on mid-range phones so although Huawei owns it, Honor has grown at such a pace that it has essentially become an independent brand in many respects. Whilst sometimes Honor is seen more geared up for the younger generation with its cutting-edge designs and functionality it actually has everything for all consumers whatever their age. 

What is so good about Honor smartphones?

Put simply Honor smartphones are renowned for being brilliant handsets but without costing an arm and a leg. So, just think about it - if Brand New Honor phones are so cost effective then refurbished Honor phones are twice the bargain. These smartphones are favoured by those who want the specifications of a Huawei phone but want it cheaper.  Honor may well be targeting millennials but we honestly believe that our Honor devices are fantastic for everyone.

Funky designs (and we mean seriously funky), dual cameras, great build quality/functionality and high spec software features are just some of the reasons you would buy a used Honor smartphone.  On top of all this without a doubt, the absolute best thing about refurbished Honor devices is...... the Price!

What are your best refurbished Honor phones?

Our best selling Honor smartphones are the Honor View 20 and the Honor 20.  These phones have a superb camera that take superior photos and are aesthetically beautiful! These phones are considered Honor’s flagship phones but come at a highly affordable price and this is what makes these phones serious rivals to other flagship phones that cost much more.

We also stock many other pre-owned Honor phones and for anyone on a serious budget you really can’t go wrong with a Honor 8 or 8S which may be a basic phone but for the price is a definite steal.

The rest of our Honor handsets are mid-range so simply look through our website and select whatever suits your needs and budget.  If you are struggling to make a decision then feel free to Contact Us and one of our experts will happily answer any questions that you may have and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

What colors do your used Honor Phones come in?

Seeing that Honor is very youth focused it goes without saying that the designs and colors of Honor handsets are seriously snazzy.  Blue seems to be a firm favourite for Honor with colors such as Phantom Blue, Sea Blue and Sapphire Blue in addition to the ever popular Midnight Black.  There are other equally exciting colors to choose from and with these designs and colors you certainly won’t be blending into the crowd! The price may the best thing about Honor but their designs are most definitely a very close second.

How much do your refurbished Honor smartphones cost?

The price range of our Honor handsets is wide from around £75.00 to £480.00.  Prices vary according to model, spec and condition but we are confident that we have the perfect used phone for you whatever your budget! Our Price Promise Match is our promise to you that you just can't buy cheaper anywhere else and with Free UK Delivery over £30.00 you have nothing to lose.

If we were to summarise our refurbished Honor phones in one sentence….

Easy – our refurbished Honor smartphones are cheap in price but most definitely not in quality!


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