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Samsung Wireless Chargers

Samsung Wireless Chargers

Buy Samsung Wireless Charger for Galaxy devices

Buy The Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Phones, Tablets and Watches

Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. It's a quick, efficient way to charge your phone without the mess of charging cables and leads trailing everywhere. It looks neat, modern and sleek when compared to more traditional ways of charging your phone and really adds a touch of class to any home office, workspace or bedside table. So, if you're looking for a fast charging solution for your Samsung Galaxy device, without the hassle of leads and cables, then a Samsung Wireless Charger is most definitely the way forward!

Power up wherever you are with our range of Samsung wireless chargers

Samsung are an industry leader in the United Kingdom when it comes to wirelessly charging your Qi-compatible devices. This means you can be sure that their products are built to last, look good and provide you with excellent charging every time. Whether you want a Samsung Duo Wireless Charger, a Samsung S7 Wireless Charger, or Samsung A5 Wireless charging, we've got you covered here at The Big Phone Store. So, take a look at our great range of Samsung fast wireless chargers today. It's time to say hello to fast charge and goodbye to messy leads forever!

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging has truly become the hassle-free way to power up your handset. Instead of fiddling about with wires, plugs and cables, you simply place your phone onto the wireless charging pad and it boosts your handset's power automatically. It's as simple as that!


Samsung fast wireless chargers have improved so much over the years that you can now charge your phone in the car, on the go or in the office. Using industry-leading Qi-enabled technology, they charge your phone with a minimum of fuss and at maximum speed, leaving you to get on with whatever you need to be doing!

Is Samsung wireless charging fast?

It is! And it's getting faster. Take the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, which allows you to charge compatible devices up to 1.4x faster than most standard wireless charging transmitters. Or the Samsung Original Wireless Fast Charging Pad, which boasts super-fast charging, especially if you have one of Samsung's fast-charging adapters. While it's true to say that wireless charging is still a little slower than wired charging, it's catching up all the time. Pretty soon, fast wireless charging will be everywhere. It'll be quicker, more efficient and cause you way less hassle! So, get ahead of the curve today and shop for one of our great Samsung wireless products.

Fast Charge Compatibility

What phones work with a Samsung wireless charger?

Compatible Devices

A lot of modern smartphones come with Qi-enabled, built-in wireless charging technology as standard. Unsurprisingly, many Samsung devices already have wireless charging compatibility. These include:

Samsung Galaxy Phones

These Galaxy Phones are compatible with any Qi chargers: The Galaxy S series (S23 Ultra, S22+, etc), Galaxy Note Series, and the latest Samsung Galazy Z foldable phones such as the Z Fold5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Buy a Galaxy Tab here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Buy a Galaxy Watch here.

Samsung Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one example of an accessory that can be charged directly from any Qi charger.

Other Compatible Devices

Qi chargers are close to a universal standard amongst Android phones, meaning that these wireless Samsung chargers are also compatible with the Google Pixel 7, OnePlus 11, Sony Xperia 1 V, and more!

But what if you don't have one of these handsets?

Firstly, don't worry. Many older smartphones can still be adapted to work with one of these Qi charger pads. All you need to do is buy a wireless-charge case! These compatibility wizards are currently available to adapt the following smartphones:


Always buy the right adapter to fit your phone. If you're ever unsure, just ask and we'll be more than happy to advise!

Find the Best Samsung Wireless Charger for You

If you're looking for fast wireless charging at a great price, we've got you covered here at The Big Phone Store. Even better, all our best Samsung wireless chargers come with a 12-month warranty and there's free delivery on orders over £30.

Here's what we have on offer at The Big Phone Store:

Wireless Charger Pad - Official Samsung Wireless Chargers

If you're looking for a Wireless Charging solution for your S23, Galaxy Tab or other Samsung Galaxy device, look no further than the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad. Available in both Black and White, it'll make charging your device quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before. The stylish materials really make this charger stand out - it looks perfect both at home and at work!

Samsung Wireless Charger

For the ultimate in convenience, charge two handsets at the same time with the Duo. A product built for both style and speed, power up your phone using its improved Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 capabilities. But also marvel at being able to charge one of your friend's devices at the same time! Whether it's two phones, a phone and a tablet, or a phone and a Qi-enabled Galaxy Watch Active, the Duo is made for the job.

Here's why The Big Phone Store is the best destination for Wireless Samsung Galaxy Chargers

Experience Where It Matters

Whether for business or socialising, gaming or listening to music, we know how important your phone is to you. Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has provided customers with knowledgeable, helpful service. For over 20 years, we have worked with some of the biggest mobile phone companies. We have also shipped millions of orders from our base in the United Kingdom to an ever-growing, expanding and satisfied customer base.

Unbeatable Prices for Samsung Wireless Charger

We check our competitors' prices throughout the day to make certain we're offering you the best deal available. Even better, when you buy one of our refurbished devices, you're getting an incredible product at a fraction of the original cost.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on every order with a minimum spend of £30 - meaning when you buy from The Big Phone Store, you're making some pretty big savings.

Collect your order in-store

If you're near to Wolverhampton, why not drop in to our one-stop low-cost-tech shop. Here's the address:

Unit 9, Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Lane, Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF


Do all wireless chargers work with Samsung?

Any Samsung devices that can be charged wirelessly use the Qi wireless charging standard. This means that Samsung devices are compatible with nearly all wireless chargers, and Samsung Wireless Chargers are compatible with almost all wireless charging devices.

How can I charge my phone as fast as possible?

If you'd prefer a charger that's as fast as fast can be, why not have a look at our selection of Mains Chargers?