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Why buy a phone case?

You just bought a new Sony phone and probably payed hundreds of pounds for it. It looks great - and you want to show it off - but if you drop it and damage it then it will potentially cost hundreds of pounds more to repair it. A phone is an investment, and getting a phone case is essential if you want to save money on getting it repaired. Most modern phones are durable, but with more and more having glass on the rear and front, and metal that is prone to scratching, your phone can start to show signs of wear and tear very quickly if you don't look after it. Phone cases are also now more than just a case - with many cases now available such as charging cases and wallet and flip cases that add value to your day by making your life a lot more practical. We have all your protection needs sorted with our cheap and great value Sony cases in a variety of colours and features and for many different models!

Which case is the best for your mobile?

This completely depends on how much you are willing to pay and how much protection you want! We stock slim plastic cases and silicone cases, that are cheap and offer a low level of protection and scratch resistance, but are easy to apply to your phone and mostly come in clear or basic colours that show off your phone and won't feel bulky in your pocket. For practicality we have folio and flip cases with wallet sections for your mobile, which cover your whole phone with extra protection for the screen and a medium level of protection. If you want a screen protector and a case - we recommend our Skech accessory packs that have everything you need in them to protect your phone completely. For extreme and rugged military grade protection, we stock thick hard cases that have been tested to survive many different extremes. If you want a premium looking case or designer case to go with your phone, we also stock brands such as Ted Baker, iDeals of Sweden and genuine Sony standing and Sony cover cases.

What is better plastic or silicone cases?

For scratch and scuff protection, a silicone case will protect well, but for more intense drops or accidents it may not protect your phone completely. However, if you want good grip in your hand and want to avoid your phone being too slippy then opt for a silicone case, which will also protect from scratches and general wear and tear. Plastic cases may offer more protection if you drop your phone, but they are more slippy to hold and may potentially not stop damage from major drops. However, plastic cases are more likely to be uniquely designed with different patterns, so if you want a sparkly, bling or more cool case you may want to go for a plastic one.

Is a hard or soft case better?

If you are looking for the highest level of protection, then a rugged and hard rubber case is your best bet - and they have layers of material that are designed to take impact from falls and accidents. For less bulky, more light and practical protection, a soft case may be more suited to you.

Are expensive phone cases worth it?

Investing in an expensive and premium Sony case may be worth it in the long run if you want to save future you some money. Cheap phone cases are in abundance, and whilst they offer short term protection and ease, and they aren't bulky or hard to apply, you are still risking your phone getting damaged which may cost you. Cheaper cases are also prone to staining and discolouration, and in the time that your phone will have one premium case, it may have a few cheap cases that you need to keep replacing. Your phone was also expensive - so why wrap it in something cheap that doesn't do it justice?

What phone cases does The Big Phone Store have?

Here at The Big Phone Store we have cases to suit everyone in a massive variety of colours and features. We have cases for men, women, families and boys and girls cases including sparkly Skinnydip cases and cover stand cases. We stock accessory screen protector packs, extreme and rugged protection, genuine Sony cases and charging cases, premium leather cases, shiny and glittery cases and basic and plain cases - so there really is something for everyone!

Why you should shop for phone cases with The Big Phone Store...

Here at The Big Phone Store - we are one of the largest suppliers of phone cases in the UK. We have been technology experts since 1999, and we know what the best products are for shielding and protecting technology. We have cheap and designer mobile phone cases for the best prices and protection that you need - and we also offer fast shipping on your Sony case purchase! Why stop at a case? Get one of our screen protector bundles or charging accessories to make sure you have everything you need for your phone!