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When you buy a great phone like the OnePlus phone then naturally you will want to protect it from physical damage and we can help with this with a great choice on offer.

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Types of cases you can find for OnePlus phones

When you buy a great phone like OnePlus, you may want to protect it from physical damage. Unfortunately, these phones like all other phones are very delicate, especially the screens and this is why buying a case would be a great idea. The choice is vast so let us tell you about some of the best OnePlus cases.

What is a OnePlus phone case?

A OnePlus case is just like a case for any other phone. It is a phone accessory made to protect the phone from physical damage.

OnePlus cases come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, depending on the needs of the buyer. Some of the most expensive phone cases are made with ultra-high-quality materials for high end users. They can protect the phone against falling impacts, keeping your phone safe even from high ground falls. There are others with waterproof features; you can even swim with your phone, and it won't be a problem.

 In a nutshell, buying a quality OnePlus phone case is the best way to save on expenses that come from phone damage.

How to pick the right phone case for your OnePlus phone?

Choosing the right phone case is just as important as buying the phone. It is all about how much you care about your phone. Therefore, here are some features to consider when buying the case:

Firstly consider your phone model. There are very many types of OnePlus phones. They are categorised into the OnePlus 5, 6, and 7 series. And within each series are sub-divisions you should be aware of. For instance, a OnePlus 6 case may be different from a OnePlus 6T case or alternatively, a OnePlus 5 case may be different to a OnePlus 5T case so make sure you but the correct case for your particular Oneplus model.

Secondly consider the quality of the material. OnePlus phone cases vary depending on the material. There are rubber, plastic, and glass phone cases. The material determines the kind of features you get from the case. For instance, a heavy-duty tough armor will have the shockproof capability, while a simple plastic case will only work for scratches. For example, if you are buying a OnePlus 5 case, you may not be too worried about dropping it due to it being an older model and would be happy with a fairly thin, clear case, however, if you are looking for a OnePlus 6T case, due to how new it is you would want a stronger, thicker case that can keep it intact.

Finally, there is the Price. The cost of a OnePlus phone case depends on its quality, features, and type of phone. Just remember though that just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is the best.

Choose a Oneplus phone case based on the use.

Another great way to pick a phone case is by considering the application. The primary categories based on this include:

·         Bumper case

·         Protection case

·         Clear case

·         Wallet case

·         Magnetic case

These offer different features for different uses and if unsure then we would be happy to advise on which one is best for you, just contact us.

Types of OnePlus phone case

As stated above, you will buy a OnePlus phone case depending on your phone and every model comes with a phone case suitable for its appearance. Here are some of the examples you will find:

·         OnePlus 6T Nylon Bumper Case

·         OnePlus 6 Flip Case

·         OnePlus 5t Silicone Case

·         OnePlus 7 Wallet Case

·         OnePlus 5 Flip Case

Each of these categories comes with varying cases, too, based on the manufacturer, material, design, and other features. For example, the best cases for OnePlus phone include Olixar ultra-thin case, Spigen rugged armor case, and Moment photo case.

The most important thing is that you protect your phone using a phone case. It can save you a lot of repair money.