Comparing The Big Phone Store vs We Buy Any Phone

Feature TBPS We Buy Any Phone
Selling Refurbished Phones Since 1999
Trustpilot Rating Trust Pilot review for the big phone store Trust Pilot review for We Buy Any Phone
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Country of Ownership Country of Ownership - UK Country of Ownership - UK
12 Month Warranty
Flexible Purchase Options
UK-Based Customer Service Team
Recommended by
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Certified with 90+ Quality Checks
Ability to Purchase in Person
Wide Selection of Brands and Models*
6 Conditions to Choose From
Instant Quotes, No Purchase Necessary
Option to Upgrade to New Battery
Option to Add a Fitted Screen Protector

*Wide Selection of Brands and Models includes Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Sony Xperia, Nokia, Honor, and CAT. (All information is up-to-date as of 03/07/2024).

Comparing The Big Phone Store vs We Buy Any Phone

Both The Big Phone Store and We Buy Any Phone are UK-based companies where you can sell your old mobile phone. Beyond that, you’ll find a lot of differences between the two mobile phone recyclers. We believe The Big Phone Store is the best alternative to We Buy Any Phone. Keep reading below for more!

Comparing The Big Phone Store vs We Buy Any Phone
Recycling Mobile Phones since 1999

Recycling Mobile Phones since 1999!

The Big Phone Store first began recycling phones and other electronics in 1999 - long before the invention of the smartphone! We’ve now been recycling phones for over 25 years, and we’re able to transform that expertise into more money in your pocket! Meanwhile, WeBuyAnyPhone Ltd. is a company that has only existed since 2012. Despite being well-established, we’re still on the rise. The entire mobile phone refurb and recycling industry is in a time of rapid growth, and in 2023 The Big Phone Store was identified as the UK’s fastest-growing refurbisher (according to 3rd-party traffic estimates).

Who pays more for your old phone?

The Big Phone Store currently offers better trade-in prices on a range of smartphones. For example, as of 08/03/2024, The Big Phone Store is offering £55 more for trading in a 128GB iPhone 15 in perfect condition. Don’t just take our word for it, though - always compare against our prices before you sell your phone with We Buy Any Phone! At The Big Phone Store, we adjust our prices each day to make sure that we’re always offering you a great price for your phone. However, we can’t guarantee that our trade-in prices are always the best price available. There are many sites whose business model is to lure you in with a good price, then unfairly downgrade your phone when it arrives with them. On the rare occasion that we have to adjust our prices after a trade-in, customers may request evidence.

Who pays more for your old phone
Which company do customers prefer - The Big Phone Store vs We Buy Any Phone

Which company do customers prefer?

While you’re comparing prices with We Buy Any Phone, you should also compare our customer reviews. Through our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers, The Big Phone Store has an incredible customer reputation. One way you can read customer reviews for yourself is through TrustPilot. At time of writing, WeBuyAnyPhone has a Trustpilot rating of only 3.8 out of 5, compared to The Big Phone Store’s 4.7!

Instant Quotes With No Sign-Up

When trading in your phone with The Big Phone Store, you won’t have to give your email address or sign up to our mailing list in order to simply get a quote for your device! If you want to know how much your phone is worth, there’s no faster way to find out. Simply enter the details of your device and you’ll see a quote appear right before your eyes!

Instant Quotes to Sell Your Phone
Buy Refurbished Phones

We Sell Refurbished Phones

If you google ‘refurbished phones’, The Big Phone Store is often the first result to show up! That’s because we’re one of the UK’s most trusted names when it comes to selling refurbished devices, which has been a core part of our business since we began recycling devices in 1999! Not only that, if you spend more than £150 on a refurbished phone at The Big Phone Store, we’ll upgrade you to next-day shipping for no extra cost. Click here to buy a refurbished phone. WeBuyAnyPhone has also begun selling their own refurbished devices in recent years, under the separate trading name ‘PhonesDirect’.

Unlike Phones Direct, We Sell Brand New Phones

The Big Phone Store sells phones in an impressive SIX different conditions, all the way from “Fair” to “Brand New” phones. That’s right, Brand New. As well as being a highly trusted seller of refurbished phones, you can often find huge discounts on brand-new and sealed-in-box devices on our website! That’s a service that We Buy Any Phone / PhonesDirect currently does not offer.

Unlike Phones Direct - Sell Brand New Phones
The Big Phone Store also sells Like-New phones

The Big Phone Store also sells Like-New phones!

As PhonesDirect, WeBuyAnyPhone sells phones in 3 refurbished conditions, with their highest grade being Excellent’ (which matches our ‘Pristine’ condition). This is a phone with scratched screen marks that can only be seen when viewed close-up. Meanwhile, The Big Phone Store sells phones in an impressive SIX different conditions, most notably adding ‘Like New’. When we say like new, we mean it! These phones will have NO visible marks, as often the only difference between a brand-new and like-new phone is that the box has been unsealed.

Sell Your Phone With Us & Receive:

1.Instant Quote:

Simply check out our Sell My Phone page and search for your device, let us know what condition it’s in, and get an instant quote right before your eyes!

2.Free Postage:

The Big Phone Store offers completely FREE shipping for your old phone when you send it to us! Find out more, such as how to print your postage label, when you check out.

3.Fast Payment:

If your phone arrives with us in the correct condition, you could receive a payment for it straight into your bank account on the very same day!

Sell Your Phone With TBPS
unique phone battery replacement service

We offer a unique battery replacement service

The Big Phone Store is proud to offer a truly unique service when you’re buying a refurbished phone. On selected models, we offer battery upgrades! Choose this add-on at checkout to make sure your refurbished phone reaches you with a fully healthy battery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Phones Direct trustworthy?
A: It's important to scrutinise any refurbished phone seller for yourself. As well as looking for the company's own policies, it's advisable to look for multiple sources of positive and negative reviews and feedback before making a purchase.
Q: How long does We Buy Any Phone take to pay?
A: According to trustpilot reviews, WeBuyAnyPhone typically processes payments quickly, often within 24 to 48 hours after receiving and verifying the device. However, experiences can vary. It will take longer if the condition of the phone does not match the offer accepted, as you will need to accept the lower price quoted.