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What makes the Samsung Galaxy S10 a great phone? 

The Galaxy S10 has been one of Samsung's best selling models, and despite the fact that it has now been followed by the S20 and S10+, it is still a fantastic phone that is most well known for its stunning design, powerful performance and great camera. Features include: 

  • Dynamic AMOLED display with 16MP colours in a 6.1 inch size. This infinity display makes whatever you are viewing appear amazing, and gives off bright, clear and sharp colours. The QHD+ resolution also makes everything look detailed. 

  • The S10 is well known for its camera quality. It boasts a triple lens camera with a 12MP regular lens, 16MP ultra wide lens and a 12MP optically zoomed lens - so this phone really lets you take photos from every angle possible. It has mixed and low light capabilities, and takes bright photos that are ideal for your instagram feed. This is as well as a 10MP front camera for high quality selfies. For videos, the S10 has HDR recording with stabilisation. 

  • Stereo style loudspeakers that give great sound quality that travels far. 

  • The design of the Galaxy S10 is eye-catching and sets it apart from the rest. The thin aluminium frame is meshed together between sleek and strong gorilla glass. The S10 comes in a range of colourful finishes such as: prism green, canary yellow, prism white, prism blue, prism black and flamingo pink - so there is something to suit everyone. 

  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor lies behind the gorilla glass that enables seamless use and unlocking of the phone, and registers to your finger to ensure complete security. 

  • Wireless power share enables the S10 to turn into a charger by simply being plugged in - so you can charge your wireless headphones and charge a friends phone at the same time as you charge your own. 

  • IP68 water and dust resistant - so it can survive in 1.5m for up to 30 minutes - which is great if you are accident prone or want to protect your phone from the elements if you spend a lot of time outside. 

  • Samsung Pay for easy on the go payments for those days when you forget your wallet or don’t want to carry it. Simply hold your phone over the card reader and make a contactless payment. 

  • The S10 performs fast and efficiently with a Snapdragon 855 chipset and 8GB of RAM. This is great for intense use like gaming or working and streaming content. 

  • A 3400mAh battery with amazing lasting power and fast and wireless charging, so you have practical charging and spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge. 

What can you do with the Samsung Galaxy S10? 

This is for those who are chasing a high quality phone camera and large display for making and viewing content. The triple lens camera makes it easy to take photos in many different settings, and the 6.1 inch edge to edge display makes viewing your content even more enjoyable. So, if you find yourself on the go and in different settings but not always catching the best photos then this is definitely one for you to consider. 

If you do find yourself using your phone to watch films, Netflix, Youtube and more, and you find yourself wishing for better and brighter screen quality then you will also want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S10. The 6.1 inch infinity screen size makes viewing brilliant. This is teamed with the loudspeaker which has wide sound quality for easier and clear viewing. 

The Snapdragon 855 chip and 8GB of RAM paired with the display and speakers make this an amazing phone for gaming. Performance is fast and seamless, with reduced lagging and prolonged performance without overheating. Games appear in high quality with clear sound quality, and the comfortable screen size is easy to hold in two hands for a long period of time. 

Why is it better to opt for a second hand Samsung Galaxy S10 rather than a brand new one? 

Whilst Samsung technology is fantastic - the main downfall of enjoying it is the price - especially when there are so many constant new releases, and most of us don’t want to be paying high amounts every time we see technology that we want. If you decide on switching to samsung refurbished phones rather than brand new, you will see a massive price difference, as refurbished samsung phones are a lot more budget friendly. Since there are so many varying phone conditions for the same model, you can also filter the product you want based on price, and get the condition and price that works for you, which makes it a lot more flexible. 

Buying brand new technology frequently when you could be buying a used product in just as good condition is also not very environmentally friendly, whereas buying a pre owned pristine or nearly new product will feel the same, but reduce the amount of phones that end up in a landfill. If you worry about poor quality or faults, simply ensure you are buying from a reputable and well known UK seller that offers a 12 month warranty, so you really will feel like you are getting a new product anyway! 

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