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What makes the iPhone 6S so great? 

All of Apple’s phones are known not only for looking premium, but also for having fantastic technology, and the iPhone 6S, despite being one of the earlier models, is no exception. The iPhone 6S was one of Apple’s most popular releases, and it is clear to see why. It looks outstanding, has long-lasting performance, a good camera, durable design and much more. If you want a phone that runs smoothly while you text, capture photos, make calls, stream, watch, game and work, then this is the phone for you. 

The design is stunning. In rose gold, gold, space grey and silver finishes, there is something for everyone, and you are bound to find a finish that complements you perfectly. In a durable yet smooth aluminium design, it looks good and feels light in your hand, which is especially good if you stream and game on your phone for a long time and want to be comfortable. 

With a retina touch HD display, this phone gives a great image with bright colours in good resolution. If you like watching films and Youtube then this is ideal for an immersive viewing experience. The built-in retina speakers on the bottom of the phone also offer amazing sound quality which greatly enhances your viewing experience. 

The camera is also excellent - with a 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, you can capture pictures in high resolution with bright colours, and with additional features such as live photo capture, you can be assured that this camera is up to standard. 

With improved touch ID, you can unlock your phone with your fingertip, and not have to worry about your phone's security and your privacy. 

The battery on this Apple iPhone will last with you all day, as Apple offers technology that prolongs your battery, such as low power mode and a more efficient bionic chip. 

What is a refurbished iPhone? 

Refurbished iPhones are simply second hand phones that have been restored and renovated by the seller, and graded accordingly to their wear and tear. They can come in a variety of conditions, ranging from brand new, nearly new, pristine, very good, good and fair, and usually if they have any wear and tear is disclosed by the seller. There are endless advantages to refurbished phones, but the massive difference in price is the main one - by shopping for a refurbished iPhone 6S, you are saving yourself hundreds of pounds. If this has not persuaded you already, most used phones still come with a warranty and free delivery, and you will still feel like you are receiving a brand new item. 

Is buying an iPhone 6S refurbished worth it? 

The iPhone 6S is a fantastic phone, and it is definitely still worth buying. Buying a used phone is a great way to shop more sustainably, especially with constant new releases, and if sustainability influences your buying decisions then buying reconditioned is always worth it. 

The iPhone 6S may be one of Apple's older models, but it still boasts all the excellent features of an iPhone - and still comes with the luxurious Apple branding, which makes it feel even more premium. It looks and feels great, and it is still a worthwhile phone to consider. It is still rivaling Apple's later models, and it also comes in colours that Apple doesn’t offer in its more updated phones, such as rose gold and true gold. 

Additionally, it is the perfect birthday present for children and teenagers who may want their first phone, but you don’t want to pay a high price tag if it may be subject to wear and tear, as the aluminum back on the iPhone 6S rivals it's less durable counterparts. Alternatively, if you need a phone for all-around family use, then this is ideal - it's a fantastic phone that covers all your bases, and if you buy it reconditioned then it won't come with the high Apple price tag. Alternatively, if you need a handy work phone this is brilliant - it has an excellent screen size, you can browse easily between apps and make calls easily. With the A9 processor, an iPhone 6S refurb is also a great option for gaming. 

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