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iPhones Between £100.00 - £200.00

iPhones Between £100.00 - £200.00

Refurbished & Used iPhones From £100.00 - £200.00

With the latest Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has accumulated all its technological prowess to create a stunning and powerful smartphone. From super-fast cameras to advanced processors and excellent battery life, the latest model from Apple has it all and is the best iPhone to date. However, the newest flagship device from Apple comes at a price that can make many potential buyers nervous. The refurbished version of this phone offers amazing deals for those looking to upgrade their device without spending too much money. This means that you could get the same features without paying full price or spending more than £500 on a new one.

Refurbished iPhones are the perfect gift for anyone who loves technology and wants the very best in mobile devices. If you consider getting a new iPhone but do not want to spend your entire budget on it, then choosing a refurbished iPhone is the way forward. They have been carefully taken care of, so they will be as good as brand new with no imperfections showing. You will also find some fantastic discounts when buying a refurbished iPhone. If you are thinking about upgrading your current iPhone 8, 7, or 6s, then a refurbished model might be what you need to keep up to date with apps and services while still saving cash.

Best Refurbished & Unlocked Apple iPhone Under £200

As we said above, refurbished iPhones are an excellent option if you need a new device but cannot afford the full outlay required to buy a new model. There are many models around 200 pounds, which can be a perfect option if you are looking for a phone to give your elderly parents or teenage children. The luxury of owning an iPhone within your budget makes it possible with refurbished options to get hold of a premium quality smartphone while spending less.

Below we have listed different refurbished models available for under £200, as well as their specifications. All of these phones are compatible with any network, meaning that you can always switch between carriers. Also, please keep checking back regularly as we update our list as more become available.

iPhone XR

The first choice here is probably the cheapest option, priced at £165.99. Its main selling point is that you can save over 100 pounds compared to brand new models, which is pretty incredible. It does come with 3GB RAM and an Apple A12 Bionic chip, making it perfect for gaming. The screen size is 6.1 inches giving you plenty of space to scroll through Instagram stories. Other features include a dual 12MP rear camera and a 7MP dual front-facing camera ideal for video calling. And, of course, its IP67 rating means it's water-resistant too. It's running iOS 12, upgradable to iOS 15.5.

Battery life on the iPhone X is much improved over last year's model, resulting from the A12 Bionic processor's 7nm process technology. And it has the same battery life as the XS and XS Max, lasting 13hrs 29mins. It doesn't exactly blow you away, but it will suffice for a moderately demanding day of usage. iPhone XR is an affordable entry-level iPhone with similar specs to the iPhone XS. It's a decent option for people wanting a cheaper handset with bigger screens and better battery efficiency. If you have iPhone 7 or 8, then our refurbished iPhone XR could make sense as an upgrade option.

iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X is Apple's biggest leap forward in the past ten years, and in 2022 it will be even more impressive thanks to its continual iOS 14 update and addition of new features. After eliminating the traditional headphone jack, it seems risky for the company to lose familiar, reliable elements, such as the fingerprint scanner and the home button, introduce new navigation and unlocking methods, and charge more for these services. Apple's iPhone X boasts a beautiful OLED screen and a comfortable, easy-to-use interface. Portrait mode selfies are impressive with the front-facing camera, and low-light photography with the rear-facing telephoto camera is superior to that of the iPhone 8 Plus. Facial recognition is generally reliable. As with all OLED screens, the iPhone X displays explosions in an amazing way when you watch a scene with them. Darker scenes in HDR movies are inherently harder to see detail - you will need to adjust to that. 

Similarly to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the X uses True Tone displays, which adjust the white balance based on the lighting conditions around it. While it's not an entirely compelling reason to buy the phone itself, it is a nice bonus that you'll appreciate. For £170, however, this refurbished iPhone X's premium display and performance are worth every penny if you're looking to get into smartphones. 

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus is an excellent upgrade to the previous Plus models. Although it's not as exciting as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, it does offer a traditional home button and a far better experience than the iPhone 8. Despite being discontinued by Apple and seeing competition since it launched, the iPhone 8 Plus remains a solid option in the iPhone ecosystem. As for looks, design, and quality of construction, the iPhone 8 Plus is an aesthetically pleasing, well-built phone that feels super premium in terms of fit and finish.

As a 5.5-inch smartphone, its weight, dimensions and design look a bit dated, and they don't measure up to today's flagship models. However, we still think the iPhone Plus series should continue to exist due to its great value proposition while offering many modern features like stereo speakers, wireless charging, Face ID, and so forth. With dual cameras on iPhone 8 Plus, you can defocus the background and get a more comprehensive photo experience than before.

If you are currently using an iPhone 6/6s, then consider the iPhone 8 Plus. With the iPhone 8 Plus, you'll get significant improvements in all departments while feeling right at home. If you're looking to upgrade to an iPhone 8 Plus from an iPhone 7/7 Plus, you'll probably want to go for iPhone X instead.

How Can I Get A Cheap iPhone?

Buying a refurbished iPhone is the best way to enjoy the latest technology at a low cost. When you look for a cheap iPhone, chances are you end up getting a phone from unknown sellers who sell their old devices for a bargain price. While some of these phones might seem like good deals, there are risks involved. For example, you never know how well these phones were maintained before being sold. If the seller doesn't take care of their product properly, you could end up with an unreliable device.

To ensure that you get a quality phone, you should check out refurbished iPhones from reputable sellers who offer refurbished iPhones at affordable prices. They also provide detailed specifications so that you can make sure that you are making the right choice. It is recommended to be very cautious when buying from marketplaces like Facebook, as these sites are notorious for selling fake products. The best place to find a reliable source of refurbished iPhones is from the seller with more than thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. This ensures that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

The main reason why you should buy a refurbished iPhone is that it's cheaper. Whether you are looking for a brand new iPhone or a refurbished model, you can expect to spend around £500-£800, depending on the features you want. A good refurbished iPhone will typically cost you between £200-£450, which means that you can save a lot of money by choosing to purchase a refurbished iPhone.

What Does "Refurbished iPhone" Really Mean?

When we say that an iPhone is refurbished, it does not mean that it was damaged during shipping or for any other reason. It simply means that the device has been returned by customers who were unhappy with their purchase. These phones then go through a rigorous inspection process before being put back into production-ready for sale again. The testing process involves checking every part of the phone, including the screen, camera, speakers, buttons, ports and everything else. Once these parts pass the test, the phone is given a thorough cleaning by resetting it to factory settings. After this, the phone goes through another set of tests to ensure that it works perfectly. All of this ensures that the phone is safe for use and is ready for sale once more.

This process ensures that each phone meets the high standards set by Apple and therefore is safe to use. As such, these phones are usually in pristine condition and come with a full manufacturer's warranty. Some refurbished iPhones may come with minor cosmetic blemishes such as scratches or dents, but these should only affect the look of the device rather than affect functionality. And the phones with cosmetic damage are usually priced lower than the ones that don't have any defects. Refurbished iPhones come with a warranty which covers them for one year after purchase. This means that if anything happens within the first 12 months of ownership, you should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. 

Why Should I Buy A Refurbished iPhone?

Affordability is the biggest factor when deciding whether or not to buy a refurbished iPhone. Buying a refurbished iPhone will allow you to get a smartphone at a fraction of the price compared to buying a new one. In fact, many times, you can even pay less than half of what you would pay for a new iPhone. This makes it easy to afford a smartphone without having to break the bank.

Another great thing about buying a refurbished iPhone is that you can save money on data plans. Many people opt for a contract based plan because they think that they will save money over time. However, this isn't always the case. By purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you will be able to avoid paying for expensive data packages. Instead, you can choose to sign up for a prepaid plan from your carrier. This will give you unlimited access to all the data you need.

Ease of replacement is yet another benefit of buying a refurbished iPhone instead of a new one. New smartphones are extremely durable and tend to last longer than older models. But if something does happen to your phone, you could end up spending hundreds of pounds replacing it. On the other hand, refurbished iPhones are much easier to replace. You won't have to worry about spending thousands of pounds on replacing your device.

If you are looking for a reliable smartphone that won't let you down, then a refurbished iPhone could be exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty of benefits to owning a refurbished iPhone, and we hope that our guide gives you the information you need to make the right decision.

Are Older iPhones Still Worthwhile To Buy?

Yes! If you're looking for a smartphone that offers good performance, there is no better option than an iPhone. Even though newer devices provide better technology, there is still a lot to love about the older versions of the iPhone. They are known for their reliability and ease of use. Moreover, when you are shopping for a phone for your kids, buying an old model like the iPhone 8 or iPhone XR will ensure that they receive the best experience. They are incredibly cheap, so buying one for your child today could help them save more in the future. We recommend checking out both the XR and X generation of iPhones to find what you want. The newest iPhones are incredible. However, you will likely spend more on getting them than you did on the previous generations. With these factors in mind, it might be worth looking into refurbs of older devices instead.

IOS has long been ahead of its rivals when it comes to security. The operating system features strong encryption, protecting personal data stored on your iPhone. Even with the older model iPhones, you can still enjoy the same level of protection. So if you want a smartphone that will work well for years to come, then you might want to consider getting an older model.

Apple discontinues some of its products every once in a while. The company has done this to provide more room for innovation. When it comes to the iPhone, their goal seems to be to maintain the standard that they set for the market. With that said, most older devices do go out of production. The only way you can get them is through refurbished or used iPhones. Our refurbished iPhones sold at The Big Phone Store are authentic Apple products. That means that you know you are getting a real product. We understand that many consumers are hesitant to purchase products online. So we take the hassle away by offering our customers the chance to buy directly from us in-store. We also offer free delivery across the UK for orders over £30.