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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Second Hand iPhone 8 Plus

Get a professionally refurbished iPhone 8 Plus today! 

What are the features of an Apple iPhone 8 Plus? 

  • True to Apple's reputation, the iPhone 8 Plus has a stunning design. It has a sturdy and shiny glass body, with glass on the front and back with an aluminium band that wraps around the edges of the phone. Coming in space grey, silver and gold finishes, the design of this phone definitely stands out among the rest. 

  • This Apple iPhone is water and dust resistant with a rating of IP67, so it can hold its own in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes. 

  • The camera on this is brilliant - with a dual-lens camera with wide and telephoto lens in 12MP on the rear and a 7MP selfie camera, this is the full photography package. With added features such as HDR, dual-tone flash, face detection and portrait mode, you can capture photos with confidence in any setting.  

  • With a 5.5 inch screen size and larger model, the display quality achieved is brilliant. With true tone support and retina HD technology, you benefit from bright and vivid colours that make your screen come to life. 

  • Stereo-style speakers on the bottom and top of the phone offer loud and wide sound with clear and crisp quality. 

  • Touch ID scans your fingerprint and enables you to unlock your phone and pay by Apple Pay at the touch of your finger, for increased security and ease of access. 

  • A 2,675mAh battery, which has wireless and fast charging, as well as low power mode and useful tools that can help to save and preserve battery life. 

  • A11 Bionic Chip that provides fast and high performance and efficiency, which is ideal if you are an avid gamer or if your phone gets heavy use all day. 

Great things you can do with the Apple iPhone 8 Plus: 

  • Gaming. This is perfect for gaming. The A11 Bionic chip paired with GPU, image processor and the vivid colours of the screen display makes for an augmented reality experience that any gamer will find fantastic. The larger size of the screen means the viewing experience is even better, and the battery-saving tools mean you can game for longer as well. 

  • Work from anywhere. You can view documents with ease on the big screen of the Apple iPhone 8 plus, and seamlessly connect your apps to your files from your MacBook and view them on your device So if you have a busy lifestyle and are working from home or on the go, the iPhone 8 Plus is here to help. 

  • Watch Content. The True Tone technology of the display teamed with the excellent sound from the dual speakers makes watching content incredibly enjoyable on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. So whether you are following a Youtube video, catching up on your favorite Netflix show or streaming a live video, you will be getting it in the best quality. 

  • Create Content. You can capture incredible images and videos with the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus. With portrait mode, you can take photos of your family or partner and adjust the lighting and background to maximise photos that you can keep forever. If you’re a night owl, low light settings enable good quality images to be taken after dark, and motion analysis enables optimised video quality, which will make your content stand out on your photo or Instagram feed. 

Is a refurbished Apple iPhone 8 Plus worth it? 

With a larger size, long-lasting battery and countless added benefits, an iPhone 8 Plus used model should be your next technology purchase. Plus, if you shop for a refurbished or second hand iPhone 8 Plus, you can get great quality and save money. 

Are refurbished iPhones good? 

Apple products are known for their prestigious branding and premium quality technology, and whilst this is fantastic, they are also known for their high price tags, which only seem to be getting higher, and for many this is unattainable. Getting a second hand  Apple iPhone 8 Plus is a foolproof way to make great savings whilst still enjoying the technology that you want. A reconditioned iPhone 8 Plus second hand model will have been graded, evaluated, and restored to the best quality it can be, and in a variety of grades that range from nearly new to fair, so that you can find the price that you are willing to pay. Buying a used iPhone 8 Plus refurbished is also a great way to shop more sustainably, which is definitely a bonus in our eyes! 

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