Apple Watch MagSafe Charger Cables at The Big Phone Store

Looking for a powerful, safe, and speedy solution for your Apple Watch charging needs? Look no further than The Big Phone Store's collection of Apple Watch magnetic wireless chargers. We're your one-stop solution for official MagSafe charger cables for any Apple Watch models. Here's why:

Rapid Charging

Our Apple Watch MagSafe cables ensure a fast, efficient charging experience. Connect a MagSafe USB-C cable to your 20W power adapter and watch your Apple Watch spring back to life in no time at all. Fast Charging is available on the Apple Watch 7, and the Apple Watch 8.

Effortless Magnetic Alignment

Featuring MagSafe technology, an Apple Watch magnetic charging cable effortlessly snaps into precise alignment with your Apple Watch. The magnets' attraction to the back of the watch secures it, allowing for optimal charging without relying on a fiddly, easily-broken connector.

Safe and Reliable

Designed with Apple's top-tier safety standards, our Apple Watch chargers protect your device from overcharging, overheating, or short-circuiting. Keep your device safe while enjoying a fast charge.


These Apple watch chargers are fully compatible with every generation of Apple Watches, From the Apple Watch series 1 to the Apple Watch Series 8. To unlock fast-charge, as seen on the Apple Watch Series 7 and 8, you will need a USB-C cable and compatible 20W Apple/iPhone wall plug. Bring home the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable from The Big Phone Store, and never worry about your watch running out of juice again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What charger do you need for an Apple Watch?
A: When paired with the MagSafe Charger Cable, any iPhone-compatible wall charger will charge your Apple watch. However, for faster charging, you will need a 20W wall charger with a USB-C connector, which must be paired with an "Apple Watch to USB-C" cable. This will provide the correct voltage, frequency and magnetic alignment necessary for efficient charging. Fast charging is available on the Apple Watch series 7 and series 8.
Q: can I use my iPhone charger to charge my Apple Watch?
A: Yes, you can use the same wall-charger for either your iPhone or your Apple Watch, however you will need a different cable. Apple Watches require a magnetic charging cable, which will align with the watch's back for secure charging.
Q: Can I use any charger for my Apple Watch?
A: No, you cannot use any charger for your Apple Watch. The watch requires a specific Apple Watch magnetic charging cable, featuring MagSafe technology for proper alignment and efficient charging.
Q: Are the Apple Watch and iPhone chargers the same?
A: No, the Apple Watch and iPhone chargers are not the same. While they both use a USB or USB-C connector to plug into a power source, the charging ends are different. The Apple Watch uses a magnetic charging dock, while the iPhone uses a Lightning cable.