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Over the years Apple has made and sold a number of earphones and currently produce EarPods, Airpods and Airpods Pro. We sell New and Refurbished Apple headphones making a perfect accessory to you Apple Device.

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Apple Earphones……a perfect accessory to an Apple Device!

Over the years Apple has made and sold a number of earphones and currently produce EarPods, Airpods and Airpods Pro.  So which should you go for?

What are Apple Airpods?

These fantastic wireless Bluetooth earphones were created by Apple and they promise a headphone experience like no other. Airpods were launched in 2016 and to this day many consider Apple’s Airpods to be the best wireless earphones ever created.

Are Airpods worth the money?

Brand New Apple Airpods definitely do not come cheap and for those whose budgets allow, Brand New Airpods make perfect sense so we would highly recommend buying from our Brand New range. However, as far as accessories go many people feel that they can’t justify paying so much for what is admittedly an accessory.  This is where the Big Phone Store comes in.  We sell great quality refurbished Airpods and as an extra bonus they even come with a charging case! We know our customers want the best quality at the best price and that is what we aim to achieve. 

There are much cheaper alternatives out there but in the long run we find that customers end up paying more if they choose cheaper alternatives because they end up having to replace them often so it makes sense to go for refurbished Airpods because they simply last longer.

What is so good about Apple Airpods?

Apple Airpods are beautifully designed and unbelievably lightweight offering superior comfort so much so that you can easily forget that you are even using them! Long gone are the days when using earphones would leave you frustrated because they kept falling out and we have all experienced that dull ache that comes with uncomfortable pieces of plastic being repeatedly forced into our ears!

On top of that the battery is extremely long lasting and you can charge your refurbished Airpods wherever you are and whenever you like – simply pop them into the charging case (which incidentally is pure quality) to charge them up. It is as easy as that.  A built in battery indicator will make sure that you always know when to charge your Airpods so that they never die out on you. You get a whopping 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time out of single charge and with a quick charge you can enjoy your favourite music for as long as you like.

Setting up your refurbished Airpods couldn’t be easier – simply tap “Connect” and you’re done thanks to the fact that your iPhone will instantly recognise your Airpods.  Apple Airpods work with all your Apple devices and all you need to do is log onto your iCloud account to connect to them and switching between devices is very easy too. We think that it is very clear that Apple designed the Airpods with ease of use at the forefront of their mind.

The friendly built in voice assistant, Siri gives you total hand free control and will allow you to easily change the volume or even change songs with a simple ‘Hey Siri’ and a double-tap feature allows you to skip songs with great ease – something which is highly needed when out jogging or exercising with earphones.

Apple itself markets Airpods on the basis that they work like magic and we have to say that they are spot on with that claim seeing that Airpods know when they’re in your ears so pause and play according to when they are in or out.  Now we reckon that is as close to magic as you can get!  Apple Airpods are also very clever! They filter out external noise and focuses on your voice – so you literally are the most important person to these magnificent accessories!  

Should I go for an Airpod Pro?

The Airpod Pro is basically the best of the best. They cost a bit more but give a lot more in terms of design and they are particularly fantastic at blocking out your environment thanks to noise cancelling technology so that it’s just you and your music. If you don’t want to completely block out the outside world then there is also a ‘Transparency’ mode which gives you the best of both worlds so that you can hear enough background noise to be aware of your surroundings without compromising on what you are listening to. This feature is particularly useful when out running, jogging or cycling.  The fit on the Airpod Pro is also highly customisable and come in a range of sizes and thanks to this they make these the better choice for sporty activities and they’re even water-resistant! 

What about Apple EarPods?

For those who use earphones only occasionally, refurbished Airpods may well seem a little unnecessary or even extravagant and we totally get that. We also stock refurbished EarPods and some customers prefer to buy these in the first instance. These cost much less than Airpods and they also have physical controls (unlike Airpods which are wireless) so that you can change music controls yourself.  Some customers prefer physical control as opposed to wireless technology and for those customers the EarPods are the better choice.  Apple EarPods also do not need to be recharged because they require no power to operate and all you need to do is plug them into your iPhone.

The Big Phone Store Verdict?

If you have an apple device then we honestly feel that any one of our Apple earphones whether new or refurbished are a great accessory to buy. Once you have them you will wonder why you didn’t get them sooner! Also remember that with refurbished earphones hygiene is paramount to our customers and here at the Big Phone Store we take that very seriously. We promise that we deeply cleanse all of our refurbished earphones to completely sanitise them to rid them of all germs and there simply is no compromise whatsoever on our part on that count. This means that you can buy with complete reassurance!

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