Sony Headphones

Sony Headphones

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Sony Headphones – simply fantastic!

On your search for a new pair of Headphones, Sony is a name that will crop up often and with good reason.  Sony is a market leader in technology so it goes without saying that Sony will definitely be top of its game when it comes to accessories.  Sony is renowned for its noise cancelling headphones and wireless earphones and this is because Sony refuse to compromise on quality.

 What we like about Sony Headphones…

  • Noise cancelling – our absolute favourite thing about Sony Headphones is their noise cancelling ability which of course is the very reason for buying Headphones in the first place so is the one thing that you just can’t compromise on.   


  • Sound Quality – it is all very well blocking out the outside world but there is little point in doing that when the sound quality of what you are listening to isn’t great.  Sony makes sure that the sound quality is wonderfully superb so that you get the best enjoyment out of whatever you are listening to. 


  • Comfort – Sony headphones are exquisitely comfortable. When you’re wearing Headphones - one of the main factors to take into account is comfort because after all you will most likely be wearing these for considerable lengths of time so the last thing you want is for your ears to hurt!


  • Consistency - Some manufacturers make better Headphones and other make better Earphones but we think that Sony are great for all roundness.  Whether Sony is making in-ear, on-ear, Bluetooth or wireless Headphones – they’re all just as good as each other.


  • Takes a simple and non-fussy approach – whilst Sony has some funky colors and designs in some models, generally speaking Sony Headphones are understated and quite modest in design but we think this is a good thing because sometimes less is just more. 


  • Suit all budgets – Sony offers budget, mid-range and flagship models so there is something for everyone.  Obviously the more expensive the models the better they are but our terrific range of refurbished Sony Headphones offer great value for money so you really can buy the best of the best for the best price.


Why buy Headphones from the Big Phone Store?

Because we go one step further than everyone else. Not only do we meet the usual expectations of our customers such as a warranty, free delivery, quality, savings but we also thoroughly clean our refurbished products meticulously and with Headphones this is absolutely paramount. We say no thank you to germs and ensure that your Headphones reach you completely sanitised.