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Who are Huawei? 

The brand Huawei technologies has become one of the most competitive technology companies in the world, and their products are changing the game. Huawei are mainly known for their outstanding phones, which have grown to rival Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and more, and at some points their products have been the second best selling in the world. With features such as high quality cameras, stunning and eye catching designs, and excellent displays, it is clear to see why. This quality extends across their entire span of technology, and since Huawei offer their products at lower prices compared to competitors, but still seem to be raising the level of quality, it is easy to see why they are a great choice for your technology buy. 

Do Huawei do tablets? 

Whilst most people know Huawei for their outstanding phones, Huawei also offers a fantastic and massive range of MediaPads that are changing the android tablet game, and the stunning features of their phones is easily seen as being mirrored into their tablets. Their tabs come in a range of sizes and a range of features, and with there now being so many different tablet variances available, you can stop your search here and be assured that you will find the spot on tab for you with Huawei. 

Are Huawei tablets good? 

To put it simply, Huawei Tablets aren’t just good - they are amazing, and they are beginning to rival the ever popular Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets. With endless displays, fast reacting technology, great battery life and more, Huawei pad’s are the tablet to compliment your lifestyle. Additionally, Huawei products have been successful due to their lower price tags compared to their counterparts, and they are a no brainer if you want to enjoy premium technology but you don’t want to have to pay the hefty price tag like you would with a different brand. Their range of tablets are spot on for any age - from gaming, shopping, scrolling, watching, working, Huawei have you covered with these easy to use devices. 

What can Huawei MediaPads do? 

The opportunities are endless with Huawei’s tablets. Whether you are working from home or on the go, gaming, entertaining the kids and family, helping with homework or entertaining yourself, these tablets have answered all your prayers. Answer emails and assess work documents on the wide displays, or watch films with loved ones - whatever you can think of - these tablets can do it. True to Huawei style, most of the tablets have excellent cameras on the front and rear, and are great to have around for capturing photos and videos of the family on short notice. All the tablets come with a smooth metallic curved design meshed together with glossy glass, and you will win serious style points with one of these in your collection. Not only do they look good, these tablets also feel light as a feather, so whether they are in your hand or in your bag, you won’t feel weighed down. 

Which Huawei tablet is the best? 

If you want easy access to social media, emails and more, any Huawei tablet is fantastic. With a range of tablets as big as Huawei’s, it is easy to find a tablet that will work for you. If you want endless viewing and like to watch Youtube or Netflix,  Huawei have large sized models such as the MatePad Pro or the Huawei M5 Youth edition in the 10” size that are perfect for keeping yourself entertained whilst travelling or for keeping the family entertained anytime and in any place. Most Huawei tabs also have power saving technology that will keep  your tablet going with you all day. The Huawei mediapad M5 is known as perhaps the ‘best’ tab Huawei makes for watching, with the high res display and dual stereo speakers making you immersed in anything you watch or listen to. The curved design also gives excellent comfort, and with a 7000mAh battery, it can keep up with the demands of everyday life.  

The Huawei MediaPad T3 10”  is the ideal all rounder tablet - its very versatile and boasts a whole host of features including inbuilt storage, a long lasting battery, a sleek metallic design and two high quality cameras. With low light protection, it also shields your eyes from hours of use, so if you’re worried about eye strain but enjoy watching content then this is definitely a good MediaTab to consider. If 10” sounds too big for you, then Huawei does it in a smaller 7” model that also packs the perfect punch. The MediaPad Youth 2 7” is an older model that also comes in a smaller size, and it is the ideal budget technology present for a child or teenager that wants a new device. The Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite is also outstanding, and with 8MP cameras and a HD IPS display, as well as powerful speakers, it is ideal if you use your device to watch films, or if you like to video call friends in high quality. Huawei also offer countless accessories to support their tablet devices, such as easy to use  

Why should you buy a Huawei Tab from The Big Phone Store? 

Here at The Big Phone Store we sell refurbished and brand new Huawei MediaPad for amazing prices. Our experts recondition our second hand tabs to the highest quality they can be, and with our conditions ranging from fair, good, very good, pristine and brand new, you are guaranteed to find the right one or you. Plus, different grades mean different prices, so if you want to cut the costs and still receive a fantastic product then be assured that we have the tablet for you. We also have a fantastic range of accessories such as speakers and headphones and cases, so you don’t need to look any further to complete your purchase today and get FREE delivery on orders over £30.