Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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Apple Watch Series 5 features? 

  • The design of the Apple Watch Series 5 is prestigious and premium looking, with sleek metal in aluminium, titanium and ceramic available. 

  • Edge to edge OLED Retina display with 16M colours and a capacitive touch screen that is bright and clear and gives fantastic colours that are easy to see and read. 

  • Always on display mode with a light sensor means you can always see the time, the weather, messages, battery percentage and more in different lights by just looking at the watch screen. 

  • WatchOS 6 technology which comes with plenty of benefits. Activity trends, cycle tracking, and hearing health innovations that will tell you when your surroundings are too loud - this really is the technology that helps you care for yourself. 

  • Maps and compass app  - so if you like outdoors activities you have added benefits and help from the Apple Watch in case you get lost. 

  • Battery life that lasts all day with a 296mAh battery with wireless charging, so you can spend less time waiting for it to charge and more time feeling its benefits. 

  • 50m water resistant so you can have peace of mind from splashes and hand washing. 

  • Handy apps such as calculator and Apple Pay which make life on the go even easier. 

  • Endless fitness tracking benefits: ECG heart tracking, steps tracking, distance, speed, calories burned and personal goal setting so you can get goals and up your game, as well as GPS tracking and 50metres water resistance. This watch will track all your movements while you wear it and motivate you to stand, walk around and exercise more every day - which is ideal if you are getting into fitness. 

  • This watch is the organisation key -  set reminders, talk to Siri, walkie talkie with others and make texts and calls without even needing your phone. 

  • Apple Music app makes it easy to stream your favourite songs on the go and during your workout, as well as podcasts and audiobooks. 

Great things you can do with the Apple Watch Series 5? 

Whether you are a honed gym bunny or just getting started - it can’t be denied that this Apple Watch is the fitness dream. From tracking your day to day movements to intense workouts, this watch does everything you need - from calories, movement, laps, timings, heart rate and progress, it has you covered and will keep you motivated. 

This Apple Watch Series  is especially great if you have a busy lifestyle. If you rush around all day and are prone to forgetting things, or you don’t have time to pick up your phone or even have your phone on you then this is the accessory that will transform you. Simply speak to Siri to reply to calls or messages, and set reminders and notifications so you never miss a beat again. 

If you are an absolute health nut then you will definitely benefit from the lifestyle features of this watch. With Cycle tracking and ECG heart rate tracking as well as hearing notifications, if protecting and monitoring your body is what interests you then this watch is fantastic. 

The Apple Watch is also simply fun to use - and it makes lifestyle and exercise tracking more enjoyable. With music streaming, walkie talkie mode and sharing goals, you can share goals and communicate with friends all through your watch. 

Is it worth buying an Apple Watch Series 5? 

This is the best of Apples technology and knowledge, and to put it simply - the Apple Watch Series 5 is 100% worth the money, and if you can get it refurbished for less money then it’s even better!

Is a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 a good idea? 

It is a fantastic idea to opt for a refurbished Apple Watch Series 5! Everybody is familiar with Apple and their high price tags - and for most they are just unattainable. If you want to enjoy their  technology but the high price tags have put you off, then choosing an Apple refurbished watch Series 5 will save you a lot of money. Also, seeing as the Apple watch that is second hand will come in a range of conditions, you can filter them based on the price you want to pay  - so you have more flexibility and pay the price that you are most comfortable paying. This is especially great if you consider how much Apple constantly releases new products - as there is no point in buying a brand new watch if you think you may upgrade it a year later anyway. 

It is also a lot more sustainable for the environment if you opt for a pre- owned and refurbished Apple Watch over a brand new one, as it is reducing the amount that will end up in landfill or being thrown away too early when they are in perfectly good use. Finally, if you are worried about the product being faulty - if you buy from a reputable company, it will come with warranty, so you will feel like you are getting a brand new item anyway. 

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