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Refurbished Galaxy A5 2017

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Refurbished Galaxy A5 2017

ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Reconditioned Galaxy A5 2017

Buy a refurbished Galaxy A5 2017 at stunning quality! 

What makes Samsung phones great? 

Samsung is famous worldwide for their unmatched technology, and they have been among the leading providers for technology for years. They have years of experience, and it is reflected in their premium quality products, which range from TV’s, laptops, speakers, cinema screens, LED panels and of course mobile phones. Their products rival Apple, Google, Huawei and Sony, and they are a brilliant choice for your next mobile phone. 

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017? 

  • IP68 water and dust resistant to protect from accidents and splashes for ease and peace of mind. It claims to hold up if submerged to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes. 

  • 16MP rear camera with LED flash, panorama and a HDR lens, as well as a 16MP front camera. 

  • Breathtaking design which looks premium with sturdy yet glossy gorilla glass and a light aluminium frame that feels light as a feather. Also comes in a range of excellent colours such as black, gold, blue and peach. 

  • Powerful battery of 3000mAh that will last you day and night, with fast charging and power saving tools that help to preserve the life of your phone. 

  • 5.2 Inch screen size with high resolution display with a super AMOLED and true colour depth that offers vibrant colours in great detail, and an LED screen which offers for great viewing. 

  • Shield your business and boost privacy with Knox 2.7, a multi layered security system to protect the content on your phone. 

  • It also has fingerprint scanner technology so that only you can access your phone, as well as a software protected folder that holds your photos and documents securely. 

  • ‘Always on’ display mode. 

  • Split screen feature which is fantastic for multitasking - especially if you work from home. 

  • Samsung Pay for convenient contactless paying on the go - ideal for those days you forget your wallet.  

  • Powerful performance with Exynos 7880 CPU chip. 

What can the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 do?

If you have a busy lifestyle then the Galaxy A5 2017 is up to the challenge of keeping up with you. The 3000mAh battery can last from dawn to dusk, and with convenient power saving modes and functions, as well as fast charging mode and wireless charging. So whether you are working, streaming, taking photos or watching films, you can be assured that your battery life won’t hold you back. 

Sick of watching films or gaming in low quality? The Galaxy A5 2017 has answered your prayers. The display offers vivid, bright and sharp colours, and teamed with the great sound quality from the right hand loudspeaker, you might find it difficult to tear your eyes away from whatever you are viewing, whether it is YouTube or your favourite Netflix show. 

If gaming is your thing, then the Galaxy A5 2017 has been rated highly for gaming. The size feels comfortable in the hand and it is spot on  for holding for a long period of time without straining your hands. Furthermore, the Galaxy A5 has a feature called Game Tools that will transform how you manage your game playing. It is a helpful toolbar that helps you record your games, take screen shots to share with friends and lock your keys. 

Why should you opt for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 rather than a new one? 

Buying refurbished is the best way to shop for technology in the modern age. Whilst technology companies like to release regular products that get better and more inviting, they also keep upping the prices. But if you like to enjoy the latest tech and not take the hit to your bank account then reconditioned mobile phones are for you. You can filter prices based on the grade of the phone, and find a cost that works for you. You also have peace of mind knowing that your phone has been assessed and graded in depth by experts, and most refurbished phones feel like a new or nearly new phone anyway. Furthermore, there are countless environmental benefits to shopping for a second hand Galaxy A5 2017, and it decreases the amount of phones that end up in landfill - it is a no brainer to get your Galaxy A5 2017 pre-owned in our opinion!

Shop with The Big Phone Store and get Fast and Free UK Delivery on orders over £30 and a 12 Month Warranty with your used A5 2017. You will also benefit from our extensive range of cases to protect your purchase as well as accessories that will ideally complement and protect your phone. We have been selling mobile phones since 1999 and we are a trusted and respected UK seller. 

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Bought Galaxy A5 2017

8 months ago

I bought an A5 recently and am extremely satisfied with it! The condition was pristine and it really is. No marks on the phone at all. What was also impressive was the delivery speed!

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