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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Used Galaxy S6 Edge at Cheap Price

Want a high quality refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge? 

Are Samsung Phones good?

Samsung is well known for their excellent technology, that is present across all their lines of tech. But their android phones are in a league of their own. With breathtaking designs, unbeatable camera quality, great performances and good screen quality, it is clear to see why they are so popular, and the Galaxy S6 edge is definitely a testament to Samsung's excellent reputation, and it comes in a long line of Samsung Galaxy phones that have been rivalling the competition for years. Plus, its now even easier to enjoy Samsung’s technology by shopping refurbished. 

What are the features of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

  • Supreme and prestigious display with a curved screen in 5.1 inches and high resolution and AMOLED technology, and memory contour that almost moulds to your hand. 

  • Aluminium alloy and strong glass design with tough glass and edge to edge display 

  • 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera with added features such as auto mode, open pro mode, optical image stabilisation, low light sensors, and smoothing effects. This is as well as great video performance. 

  • Octa-core chip set for quick and efficient performance

  • Samsung Pay 

  • Wireless charging

  • 2,550mAh battery with wireless charging and fast charging available as well as battery optimisation that assess by app and an ultra power saving option. 

  • Memory management and utilisation 

What can the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge do? 

If you are looking for a phone that can entertain the family on a budget then the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is perfect. It has a ‘kids mode’ feature that transforms your phone into a child friendly phone with animated characters that can keep the kids occupied while you get things done. With a protective feature that only shows kid-friendly apps and content, this phone will give you peace of mind and protect your family from harmful content that you may not want them to see. 

If you have a busy lifestyle and you need a phone that can keep up with your demands then the power saving modes on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge are brilliant. With the ultra power saving mode and power utilisation you can manage your phone and customise it to you so that you never have to worry about running out of charge. 

If you like to capture photos easily and quickly, the Samsung galaxy s6 edge has a quick launch camera feature that enables quick camera access, so when photo opportunities arise you can be assured that you won't miss them. The 12MP rear camera has a massive host of brilliant features, such as fast tracking autofocus and optical image stabilization, as well as infrared night technology so you can capture photos in darker light. The front camera also holds its own, with 5MP of quality and a 120 degree angle lens that captures your best selfies yet, and with the wide lens you can fit all your friends in one shot. There are also different camera modes such as pro mode and collage mode which have control over lighting and shutter speed. 

You can endlessly scroll on the stunning unique and new curved screen on the galaxy s6 edge. If you like to read, scroll through social media and articles then the curved screen makes for a great viewing experience that is comfortable to hold all day. 

It is also easy to achieve an immersive experience when watching films and videos, so whether you are watching a film at home or passing the time on a commute, you can be guaranteed to be submerged into whatever you’re watching with the HD display and edge to edge screen and the great sound quality. 

Why should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge refurbished?  

Whilst Samsung prices have grown to rival their key competitors such as Apple, Google and Huawei, their newer technology releases do come with a hefty price tag, and if you like to stay up to date with the latest releases but you don’t want the hit to your bank account, then an edge refurbished is the right choice. 

Are reconditioned phones good? 

Reconditioned phones are brilliant. They are the more environmentally friendly choice, especially considering how many constantly new released products there are coming out. They are also a lot cheaper than buying brand new, and with a range of grades you can easily find a price point that is more flexible and suited to you. Refurbished phones have also been graded and assessed by experts, and many come with a four or 12 month warranty. Many second hand  phones come in a nearly new condition, and in most cases it still feels like you are receiving a brand new phone anyway. So, if you want to enjoy the amazing technology of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge for a low price then look no further. 

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