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Look no further for a cheap refurbished Galaxy S6! 

Who are Samsung? 

Samsung is a korean brand that dominates the technology industry. From consumer to industry electronics, they have a great range of variety and their products are seen all over the world. Known for pioneering technology, they produce TVs, laptops, cinema screens, other network equipment and outstanding mobile phones. Samsung is one of the oldest smartphone manufacturers, and they have years and experience that goes into their phones - which explains why they are so great, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes as a testament to Samsung and their excellent brand. 

Are Samsung Phones good? 

Samsung phones are better than good - they are outstanding. They have grown to rival the technology of Apple, LG, Huawei and Google, and the phones they produce are spot on all rounder phones that do everything you could need. With fast android technology, bright and colourful displays that are durable, immense camera qualities, high performance, good battery life and great security, as well as endless useful add ons to enhance use, Samsung phones are in the elite for mobile phones technology. Compared to the likes of Apple and Huawei, Samsung phones are often prices lower than their competitors, and they are wonderful value for money. 

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6? 

  • The 16MP rear camera and 5MP front selfie cameras are the star of the shows on this phone, with added features such as LED flash, panorama, auto HDR, optical image stabilisation, and low light technology. 

  • Loudspeaker which provides clear and wide sound quality. 

  • A stunning 5.1 inch display with super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and bright colours in high resolution, with crisp images in high quality.

  • Sleek and slim design that makes a statement with strong gorilla glass and a cool aluminium frame that looks and feels fantastic. It also comes in a range of colours such as blue, green, white black and gold. 

  • A 64 bit octa core processor which gives strong power. 

  • Fingerprint scanner for maximum privacy and security and easy unlocking. 

  • Health benefits with a heart rate monitor and fitness features. 

  • Battery with 2550mAh, which supports super fast charging and wireless charging. 

  • Multi window to help multitask with pop up tabs that you can customise. 

  • S Voice service which will respond to you even when your phone is locked. Simply set a command phrase and it will respond to commands and surf the web to answer questions without you having to even touch your phone.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 great for?

Buying a Samsung means you get lots of added extra features to complement your experience. Samsungs are known for their brilliant cameras, and with multiple different camera modes that you can easily download. These features make you feel like a photographer wherever you go, and help you to capture high resolution photos that will make your photos stand out. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is especially great if you like capturing content for blogs or to make your instagram stand out. You can easily take selfies with easy camera access and by simply pressing the heart rate sensor on the back of the phone. 

If fitness is your passion, this Samsung Galaxy S6 is there to take you to the next step. Samsung Health is there to help you, with a heart rate monitor on the rear of the phone helping track your heart rate throughout the day. It also tracks your steps and activity, so if you are looking to get more active or simply want to monitor your fitness, this phone is a brilliant choice. 

If you use your phone for entertainment, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 provides a wonderful experience. The display is immense, with the quality of the screen offering vivid colours in clear quality, so you can kiss goodbye to poor visual quality and say hello to crisp images. Teamed with the loudspeaker quality, which offers loud sound that travels far, this phone is spot on for entertainment purposes. So whether you have a long commute, are sitting down to watch a film to relax, entertaining the kids or watching a Youtube video, you can be assured that you will get the best possible experience with the Galaxy S6. 

The Samsung Galaxy S6 also helps to organise your life - and if you work from home then you should definitely consider the Galaxy S6. The download booster feature means you can download documents quickly, which is a massively useful feature if you work on the go. You can also customise settings and toggles for easier access to apps, so you can be on your emails, contacts or notes in seconds. You can also customise your home screen and group all your useful apps together. 

Why you should buy a Samsung S6 refurbished and not brand new..

Buying second hand and reconditioned technology is the best way to shop, and there are plenty of advantages to doing so. Samsung technology is undoubtedly fantastic, but like most companies their continual new releases come with price tags that seem to be getting higher and higher, and for those that do not want to pay big bucks every year or even every couple of months, this can be disheartening.

 Refurbished phones come in a variety of different condition types, and the best thing about this is that you can find the phone that you want in varying prices, so you will find a price that you are willing to pay, and compared to buying brand new you will be making hundreds of pounds of savings. 

If this still hasn't convinced you, another advantage of pre owned phones that have been refurbished by professionals is that they have been properly assessed and reconditioned to the maximum quality they can be, and it usually feels like you are receiving a new phone anyway. If you like to consider the environment when shopping, by buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 is a lot more sustainable. 

Why should you buy from The Big Phone Store? 

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