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Buy a Refurbished iPhone 7 Today! 

What are the features of an Apple iPhone 7? 

Apple iPhones need no introduction, and the Apple iPhone 7 comes in a long range of Apple smartphones that have dominated the market for years. IPhones are known for their premium quality designs and technology, and the Apple iPhone 7 is no exception to this. With a new and improved camera and battery life as well as a stunning and smooth metallic design, it is clear to see why a reconditioned Apple iPhone 7 is an excellent choice for your next smartphone. Other incredible features include: 

A brand new and outstanding speaker system with stereo speakers at the bottom and top of the phone providing amazing sound quality and a wider range of sound. 

IP67 splash,water resistance and dust protection so you can have more peace of mind from damaging your phone. 

New A10 Fusion Chip results in even faster processes, so you spend less time waiting for your phone to load and more time enjoying it. 

Amazing new colour range and finishes including silver, gold, rose gold, jet black with matte black and gloss finish available, so you are guaranteed to find a design that suits you, and with the new design comes a more luxurious feeling phone. The newly improved haptic home button also provides an even smoother feel when using.

4.7 Inch screen size with a retina HD display with a brighter display for colours, so you can scroll with even better quality. 

This phone keeps up with you - with an excellent and newly enhanced battery life so you can worry less about your phone dying. 

12MP camera with wide colour capture, with 7MP front camera so you can catch colourful and rich photos, selfies and facetimes that are even more striking than before. 

Easy to use Apple Pay so you can leave your cards at home for peace of mind and pay with your phone.

Why you should choose a Reconditioned Apple iPhone 7

Buying a second hand  iPhone 7 is a no brainer. Apple is well known for constant new technology releases with often high price tags, and for many these prices are unattainable. Buying an iphone refurbished saves you hundreds of pounds, and it does not mean that you are receiving a poor quality product. Most ‘second hand’ refurbished iphones are in a nearly new or pristine condition, with no real difference to the quality at all. 

Furthermore, if you’re buying a first time phone for family use or a second phone for work, you may not want to pay full price for a phone that may be more likely to get wear and tear. By buying refurbished, you can pay less and get the same features without the brand new price tag - it really is that simple. If sustainability also affects your buying decisions, shopping second hand is an excellent way to make a more environmentally responsible purchase. 

How much is a Used iPhone 7? 

A refurbished iphone will be assessed and renovated by experts who then grade based on the condition of the phone. Then, a price for the iphone is set based on the condition, with our conditions ranging from fair, good, very good, pristine to even brand new. With this in mind, it is even easier to find a good quality iphone that suits your price point. With our prices low, you are guaranteed to find a stunning iphone that doesn't break the bank. 

Why choose The Big Phone Store? 

At the Big Phone Store, we offer the best price for Apple  iphones refurbished and brand new. We have a large team of trained experts that professionally assess and renovate iphone models to the best quality they can be, and we have been selling since 1999. So, what are you waiting for - Get 12 Months Warranty and Free and Fast UK Delivery on orders over £30 and purchase your new Apple iPhone 7 today. We also have a vast range of apple accessories including brilliant cases, airpods and chargers. 

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