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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Second Hand iPhone 6S Plus

What makes the iPhone 6S Plus a great phone? 

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is still a brilliant phone, and it has plenty of superb features. Like all Apple phones, it comes with the unique Apple branding, which looks and feels premium. The stunning design rivals its more modern Apple models, and in the larger plus-sized model, you can be sure that this phone will make a statement. 

If you need a present for a family member but you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a brand new model that may be subject to wear and tear, it makes the perfect birthday present for a first-time phone for a child or teenager, especially with the unique rose gold and space grey finishes. 

If you want to be able to watch Netflix, Youtube videos, or stream content, then this is spot on. With the larger Plus screen size and HD Display and higher resolution, the viewing opportunities on the iPhone 6S plus are brilliant. This is teamed with a high-quality speaker so you can get submerged in whatever you are watching.  

The large screen size is also great for gaming, and you can enjoy your content on a bigger scale. Because the model has a higher capacity battery, it will also last longer so you can game all day and be assured that your phone can keep up with you. 

If you work from home or away from the office and you need a second phone that you can easily view emails, take calls and reply to messages on then this is also fantastic. The larger screen makes viewing documents easier, and the speedy A9 Processor means you can switch easily and quickly between apps. Added accessibility features also mean you can group together the apps you use the most for work and create shortcuts, so you can easily access the apps you need the most, quickly and effortlessly. Apple Pay also makes it easier to make transactions. 

The 6S Plus also has a great camera, which has a lot of brilliant features such as optical image stabilization for smoother video quality that will enhance your photos and make your Instagram feed stand out.  With a five-element lens as well as autofocus with focus pixels, face detection, burst mode, panorama and truetone flash, you never have to miss a photo opportunity again. 

What are the features of the Apple iPhone 6S plus? 

  • Stunning design with sleek gorilla glass front meshed with a smooth aluminium frame in great finishes such as Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. 

  • 5.5-inch 3D touch display with capacitive touchscreen and 3D touch adjective capabilities

  •  Dual-core processor for seamless use. 

  • 12MP HDR back camera with dual LED and dual-tone flash 

  • 5MP selfie camera with face detection and a HDR feature. 

  • Stereo loudspeaker with great sound quality 

  • 2750mAh long-lasting battery and fast charging

  • Fingerprint sensors for easy access and privacy 

  • Siri feature 

  • Easy accessibility mode for quick access to your most used apps and a multitasking menu feature

  • Apple Pay for easy payment without your wallet 

Are reconditioned and refurbished iPhones good?

Buying iPhones refurbished is a great way to shop, and used and renewed iPhones are great. They have been assessed and tested by experts and restored back to the highest quality they can be.  They also mostly come with a 12 month warranty, and with the relevant accessories. Furthermore, the savings by shopping second hand are substantial, usually hundreds of pounds difference. If you care about the environmental effect of constant new technology releases, buying pre-owned is also a far more sustainable way to shop - it really is a no-brainer.  

How much is a second hand Apple iPhone 6S Plus? 

Apple is known for their great new technology releases every year, but for many people, their prices are unattainable and impractical. But, if you still want to enjoy the latest technology, you can be assured that buying a renewed iPhone will save you some serious money. Due to there being a variance in grades, you can filter grades and prices for the model that you want, which means you are finding the right price for you.

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